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mogwai @ apollo, hammersmith, london, uk 24/10/08


  • the precipice
  • friend of the night
  • ithica 27o9
  • i love you, i'm going to blow up your school
  • scotland's shame
  • christmas steps
  • cody
  • i'm jim morrison, i'm dead
  • hunted by a freak
  • thank you space expert
  • like herod
  • batcat


  • helicon 1
  • two rights make one wrong

    support from fuck buttons and errors

    mogwai also hosted a 'party under the arches' following the show. see below for further details.


    mogwai celebrated the closing leg of their uk tour by playing a rare encore at london hammersmith apollo last night (october 24) - and then hosting a huge aftershow party.

    showcasing material spanning their entire career, the show included old favourites such as 'like herod' and 2006 top 40 hit 'friend of the night', as well as a clutch of songs from new lp 'the hawk is howling', including latest single 'batcat' .

    the crowd were treated to 'helicon 1' and '2 rights make 1 wrong' for the encore.

    during the aftershow party bassist dominic aitchison reflected on the night's gig, saying that it was "amazing".

    "we always get a really great reaction from london crowds. i really enjoyed the gig to the point that i got a bit carried away. i could have played for longer than the encore to be honest."

    drownedinsound review

    from tim:

    compared to the last london show at the queen elizabeth hall, this performance at the hammersmith apollo brought me back to earth with a nasty bump. to be fair the crowd was very good at the front where i was especially compared to somerset house last year, but the sound was pretty poor i thought. too much bass drum maybe, although this could have just been where i was. i must be getting old too because i really wanted to sit down towards the end. it was a long one. they came on at 9:15 and left just past 11. lots of favourites supplemented the new hawk material, and i have to say outshone it. although that may be because they didn't really get into their stride until about halfway through the set. i think it was christmas steps that got me going and they were on top form from then on including the best live version of like herod i've heard for a long time.

    they had no tour cds!!!

    errors were pretty good although i am generally unfamilar with them apart from the odd track. definately will check them out properly now. fuck buttons seemed better now too and their new bits sounded quite nice. and thanks to the london crowd who were very respectful during the whole gig including the supports. my faith has been restored after the terrible chatter at somerset house.


    photos by 'plasticpancake'

    'mogwai presents a party under the arches'

    unfortunately this ended up being a shambles.


    mogwai's aftershow party for fans did not run so smoothly, however, with punters waiting outside of the southwark venue the arches as late as 1.30am, despite having paid for tickets in advance.

    one fan told "it's incredible to think that something that was planned so far in advance has turned out into a shambolic mess. i'm amazed that people have remained so orderly in the queue, considering how long we have been waiting here."

    asked as to why fans had to queue for so long to enter the aftershow party, aitchison added: "that's pretty bad. we're sorry about that. it's not been very well organised, but the band really didn't have much involvement besides helping putting on the djs."