bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ 'curiosa',cricket pavilion
phoenix, az, ca, usa


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    thanks to rocke.

    festival info

    'curiosa' touring festival, put together by the cure

    stage 1 - the cure / interpol / the rapture / mogwai
    stage 2 - cursive / the cooper temple clause / head automatica / scarling

    cricket pavilion (capacity 20,000)


    from rocke:

    not many people were there, and it seems like mogwai were unimpressed with the crowd reaction. a comment was made that a concert was more than just them on stage playing, but fan interaction as well. the few people that were in attendance were all appreciative though.

    there could be a couple of reasons that there weren't many people there. first of all, the original schedule called for mogwai to hit the stage at 5:30. they came on right at 5:00 though, because head automatica from the second stage was unable to play. also, the problem with phoenix is that it doesn't really cool down much until sundown in the summertime, so a lot of people didn't show up until around the time interpol hit the stage. it is too bad because they missed out on a great band.