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mogwai @ ab box, brussels, belgium 26/05/03


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  • kids will be skeletons
  • mogwai fear satan
  • hunted by a freak
  • ex-cowboy
  • killing all the flies
  • ratts of the capital
  • helicon 2
  • stop coming to my house
  • two rights make one wrong
  • helicon 1


  • i know you are but what am i?
  • you don't know jesus

    'hunted by a freak', 'ex-cowboy', 'killing all the flies', 'ratts of the capital' and 'two rights make one wrong' were radio-broadcast by studio brussels on 1st june.


    venue website

  • ab club: screening of 'take me somewhere nice' tour film (19.00 - 20.00)
  • ab box: kling klang (20.00 - 20.40)
  • ab box: mogwai (21.00 - 22.30)
  • ab club: part chimp (22.30 - 23.30)
  • ab club: mogwai dj set (23.30 - 02.00)

    venue capacities:

  • ab box - 800 people
  • ab club - 300 people



    taken by rob strong using disposable camera.


    from iain eglinton:

    well, here we go again... another great gwai show in a venue that puts our poor uk venues to shame.

    the ab is a fantastic venue, great beer for those who partake - the spiritual home of the mighty stella and also for us tea totallers a fine fruitmix! the ab club is a great smaller room, home to the "take me somewhere nice" film showing and also to a superb set from the mighty part chimp later in the evening. the larger room would be comparable to gloucester arts centre for those who know it, in terms of shape if not capacity.

    the film was a hoot from start to finish. it basically involved the 5 members talking and generally being as offensive as possible about each other. the highlight for me has got to be barry talking about john's guitar playing in earlier days and referring to it as "a monkey being raped by a robot!" some fine live footage too, a lot of which seemed to be from the rothesay show a couple of years ago.

    then to the main hall for kling klang. another good set from them - were they a member down from when i saw them in northampton? the audience seemed a little bemused by the set but warmed to them by the end. i do love the headbanging over the keyboards...

    then to the 'gwai... another varied set based around the new album but good to see a variation of older tunes too. 'ex-cowboy' was amazing as was 'fear satan'. it still sounds just as fresh now as it did the first time i ever heard it live, many gigs ago. must have the best build up / intro of any song ever played.

    the sound did seem to suffer from a lot of "noise" through what was an impressive pa stack. one of stuart's amps packed up part way through, which didn't help and this may have lead to 'ratts of the capital' not sounding as fierce as previous outings. the distortion build up didn't appear to happen - when he stamped on the pedals nothing seemed to change... but hey i'm being picky !

    funny of the night - after '2 rights..', dominic walked off stage, seeming to forget that 'helicon 1' was still to come. after much laughter from the rest of the band and cheers from the crowd he returned!

    the encores were great - an awesome 'i know you are but what am i?', quickly becoming one of the highpoints of the show, and a blistering 'you don't know jesus'. no big noise finish, which from my ears point of view and for sake of variation, made a nice change.

    then back upstairs for part chimp, who were awesome. best i've seen them play and the new material is great. thank god for ear plugs. top bunch of guys as well. go and buy the new album which john from mogwai has done a fine production job on, as well as doing the live sound for them straight after playing. dedication to the cause or what!

    to round off an evening with mogwai we were treated to stuart and john spinning a few choice cuts on the wheels of steel.

    another fine evening. any one who can get to a show at the ab it comes with a 5-star recommendation. big shouts to all who made it possible and to rob for being a top jet set gigging comrade!