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mogwai @ boston somerville theatre, somerville, ma 27/03/2001


  • stanley kubrick (3:40)
  • take me somewhere nice ("string" on setlist) (5:47)
  • helicon 2 (3:08)
  • christmas steps (8:51)
  • cody (6:34)
  • ex cowboy (8:33)
  • helps both ways (4:31)
  • helicon 1 (8:13)
  • secret pint (4:03)
  • punk rock (0:56)
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong (13:34)


  • jewish hymn (21:17)

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    a beautiful show, the best i've ever been to. their sound has improved so much since i last saw them.

    wrote john skolfield, who also contributed setlist info.

    thanks to theo for the following:

    the boston show was incredible, but i was wondering why the audience was so un-hype! nobody was standing up or anything. the music was so amazing, and everyone was just sitting there "watching" it, instead of experiencing it. by the end, i was one of about 6 people standing. stuart even seemed puzzled, saying something like "i've never played in front of people sitting down...". it was quite the show, but i was just wondering if you think it's strange that everyone stayed seated throughout the show. how could you not be moved to stand and rock out? arg.

    shovelchick wrote in with more setlist info, including timings and confirmation of the second song played. she (i guess?) also had the following to say about the show:

    this was the first time that i have ever seen mogwai live. the theater where the show was held is an old place, originally used for plays, etc. everybody sits down during the concert. when stuart came out on the stage, the first thing he said was "are we all sitting comfortably? good." the version of "helps both ways" was the original, with the madden comentary. this disapointed me a little, because i like the version on cody more. but really, whatever. "punk rock" was cool because for the majority of it, the entire place was quiet while the band was getting ready for "2 rights...". very surreal. the last 3-4 minutes of "2 rights..." was a feedback session with barry getting funky with a drum machine or something. pretty cool. finally, while the rest of the band was getting ready for the encore, stuart played maybe ten seconds or so of "amazing grace". at the end of "jewish hymn" john threw what looked to be a beer can at his guitar.

    and from tim gregory:

    it was in a restored '50s grande-style movie theater. stuart mentioned said it was the first time that he'd ever played to everyone sitting down. also, the show wasn't nearly as deafening as the last mogwai show I went to, but i was glad i brought earplugs for the encore. i think they would have played a second encore, but people were leaving (although the crowd was outstandingly enthusiastic throughout the whole show). secretly i'm glad they stopped at one encore, because i had to catch the t which stops running at midnight.

    the second half of the set (looking down on the band). the others are from the middle east club, boston (25th may 2001)

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