bright light ! gigs

stuart braithwaite @ reid hall, edinburgh, uk 27/04/2002


  • 'c' (a new song)
  • cody
  • hugh dallas
  • tuner
  • bill is dead (fall cover, with aidan moffat)
  • take me somewhere nice
  • secret pint
  • can't get you out of my head (kylie minogue cover)

    set length 40 mins.

    thanks to david gill and andy mcculloch.

    triptych festival


    from andy mcculloch:

    went to see stuart's solo jaunt in edinburgh last night. he played (in no particular order) cody, take me somewhere nice, secret pint, at least 2 new songs which he left untitled, bill is dead (with aidan arab strap, from the sick anchors ep) and ,bizarrely, a cover of kylie minogue's 'can't get you out of my head' which he turned into a thrashy screechalong epic. i'd love to get a live recording if someone can help me out. on a strange cover version note, malcolm middleton later played a solo acoustic version of n-trance's neddy-rave classic 'set you free'.

    from j:

    i saw stuart play at the triptych in edinburgh. it was f***ing awesome. he did a cover of kylie's 'can't get you out of my head' - blinding.

    from david gill:

    an acoustic set from arab strap, supported by stuart braithwaite and his two guitars. the venue, which was in edinburgh univeristy, was quite difficult to find, especially if you are unfamiliar with the city..

    on arrival, we were told by a fairly large doorman that there was no bar, a joke we thought. nope, there was no bar and no smoking in the auditorium....great. the 'no bar' theme was made worse by the fact that stuart and later aidan where drinking lots of bottles of stella on stage and not sharing them. most of the seats were taken by the time stuart came on and announced, " this feels a bit like a test". aidan moffat joined stuart on stage for a cover of a fall song before stuart changed guitars and ended with a cover of the rock classic, 'can't get you out of my head' by kylie minogue.

    arab strap were excellent, with aidan telling jokes and apologising for there being no bar. the free cd at the end was a nice touch.