bright light ! gigs

mogwai @ axiom, cheltenham 27/04/1997

set list

  • summer [priority version]
  • helicon 1
  • summer


  • ???
  • lower

    incomplete and out of order.

    support from formula one

    a personal appeal

    this was the first mogwai show i saw. it was amazing. i have no real idea of what was played, although i can remember 'summer (priority)', as we didn't recognise it and shouted for 'summer' later in the show. i'm almost certain 'helicon 1' was played. i would dearly love to see a setlist. as it was a warm-up for the garage show on 28th, mogwai played for well over an hour, and i'm convinced that the set featured tracks later released on 'young team', as well as the earlier singles. can anyone help? were you there? if so, please mail me! thanks.


    update, august 2008 - i found some notes i sent in an email at the time:

    mogwai at cheltenham axiom in april last year: as the show was the night before the garage show for london music week (the one that triggered radio 1's back-up tape at the start of helicon 1 because it was so quiet), they chose to use the gig as a warm-up, and played everything they'd released except lower, including both versions of summer, and some stuff they'd just written. there were about 40 people there, and it was that good that everyone was hollering for an encore. they eventually re-emerged somewhat sheepishly, played something else which i can't remember, and finished off by playing lower (for the last time ever?). an absolutely cracking show!