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mogwai @ cirque royale, brussels, belgium 27/09/06


thanks christophe

  • xmas steps
  • friend of the night
  • travel is dangerous
  • hunted by a freak
  • tracy
  • i know you are but what am i?
  • acid food
  • ratts of the capital
  • glasgow mega-snake
  • two rights make one wrong
  • we're no here


  • black spider
  • my father my king

    thanks freek

    'helicon 2' listed as first encore, but replaced with 'black spider'

    support from kid606


    from freek:

    good show. highlights for me were xmas steps, 2 rights and ratts (with an awesome lightshow). we're no here and mfmk were deafening. oh and kid606 surprised me, in a good way, really enjoyable.

    from geoffroy:

    great gig from the boys, a bit diminished by a far-from-great sound. they opened with 'xmas steps' and stuart alone on stage, joined by the others as the song went on, and by luke sutherland who came back for the 2nd song of the encore (a fabulous 'my father my king' with a better sound than we had before).

    a very different gig from the one in last april. the middle of the set was a lot of quiet songs that they played sitting down for the most part. glad i had my earplugs for the end of the show!

    from sebastien:

    truly blistering and long set from mogwai yesterday in a venue not empty at all. i have to say that kid606 was really bad...nothing else to say about it.

    begining the set with xmas steps, with stuart coming first and then john etc. luke was here with the violin. the young team logo was first hidden behind a drape and suddenly appeared - beautiful and impressive too. it seems to me that the show was all "black and white" with a big part of what i want to call sweetness and tenderness - acid food, tracy, friend of the night, i know you are, hunted by a freak...and barry with a "grand slam" playing load of songs without leaving his "piano computer". the black was for the end with ratts of the capital, awesome, a blistering glasgow mega snake, a tremendous end of 2 rights, turning into we're no here, so heavy...

    a great encore with black spider, introducing by stuart with a lovely accent, "song from a film on zinedine zidane"...i think everyone in the venue smiled when he pronounced the name...sweet:), and my father my king for a big finish! better and better...

    review (in dutch) by christophe demunter, photos by rob walbers:


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