bright light ! gigs

stuart braithwaite @ st. andrews in the square, glasgow, uk 28/04/2002


  • (cover)
  • cody
  • tuner
  • (cure cover, with aidan moffat)
  • take me somewhere nice
  • secret pint
  • lord can you hear me (spacemen 3 cover)

    thanks, marceline. incomplete - if you have full details, please let us know.

    triptych festival


    from marceline smith:

    foul-mouthed scots performing in a church. how did they get that one past the vicar? at least they were all being relatively quiet, this being an acoustic show. wee stuart was up first, just him with his guitar and orange amp. he started with a cover and then worked his way beautifully through mogwai's vocal moments: 'cody' sounding lovely as always and 'tuner' bringing the usual tear to my eye. they should bring it back into the mogwai live set now. stuart was in his usual chuckling mood, slagging sponsors tennants and giggling to himself. he attempted to sing a song by the cure but gave up and shouted for aidan strap to come onstage and sing it with him which he did rather well. then we got a medley of 'take me somewhere nice' and 'secret pint' with stuart's vocals sounding really confident and strong before he finished on a rather apt cover of 'lord can you hear me' by spacemen 3. go the wee man.