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mogwai @ sled island festival, metawa field, calgary, ab, canada 28/06/08

thanks to marc


  • the precipice
  • friend of the night
  • thank you space expert
  • hunted by a freak
  • ??
  • summer?
  • ??
  • tracy
  • two rights make one wrong
  • like herod
  • batcat

    thanks ben. the other two songs were 'i love you, i'm going to blow up your school', and 'i'm jim morrison, i'm dead'. 'scotland's shame' is listed on the setlist but then crossed out. please get in touch if you can complete the setlist details.

    sled island festival
    other performers included wire, of montreal, jose gonzales, secret machines, drive by truckers, dodos, gutter twins, jonathan richman, still flyin', jain vain and the dark matter, hot little rocket.


    from ben sim:

    i was at the sled island mogwai concert. not sure on their set list, as they played a ton of new songs, however old songs they played as of right now that i remember are: tracy, like herod, friend of the night, 2 nights make 1 wrong. they also played thank you space expert, which was the only new song stuart announced before playing.

    i do believe their set was cut short due to earlier sets running late, they didn't start playing until at least 15 minutes after they were scheduled to start, and near the end of their set someone came on stage and said something to stuart and then they all had a chat for about 30 seconds before going into like herod, which was played shorter than any other live version of it i've heard, they probably played it for about 6 minutes max, and then went right into another new song which they finished the set with.

    it was a shame the set got cut short, even after they finished, people stuck around for 10 -15 minutes chanting for an encore, but got nothing.

    after their set i ended up getting drunk with them for a few hours in the artists lounge. i told them i thought their set was great, and either barry or john told me they didnt think it was going that well. but if this set was one that didnt go well, i'd love to see one that did, because i felt this one was bloody brilliant. also, if any way you could relay a message to them, i'd like to apologize for being such a drunk fool that evening, and thank them for getting me drunk enough to be the drunk fool i was, and also i'm happy spain won the euro cup.


    from brooklynvegan: