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Mogwai @ Paloma, Nimes, France 29/03/14


Thanks Alain

  • Heard About You Last Night
  • Rano Pano
  • Take Me Somewhere Nice
  • White Noise
  • New Paths to Helicon pt.2
  • Master Card
  • Deesh
  • Ex-Cowboy
  • I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
  • Christmas Steps
  • Remurdered


  • How To Be A Werewolf
  • Cody
  • Batcat

    Following a calf injury sustained in Copenhagen on 25th March, Martin Bulloch was replaced behind the drums by Jonny Scott.

    Supported by Pye Corner Audio



    From Alain:

    I travelled 10 000 kms from Vientiane / Bangkok to see Mogwai in my hometown. Came with 3 friends who I had been telling for years how Mogwai was great.

    The sound was perfect, and in my opinion the set was too short. Highlights live were Deesh, Ex-Cowboy, Xmas Steps, Jim Morrison and Batcat.

    My 3 friends liked it very much. One said she had a strange experience - she closed her eyes during the gig, and it was awesome.