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mogwai @ debeschaving festival, utrecht, holland 30/08/08


  • the precipice
  • friend of the night
  • (new)
  • helicon 1
  • (new)
  • hunted by a freak
  • (new)
  • (new)
  • batcat
  • 2 right make 1 wrong
  • we're no here

    thanks dennis.

    "hunted by a freak" might be moved down a spot as it's a bit fuzzy where they played it...the 4 missing songs are: "space expert", "i love you", "jim morrison" and "scotland's shame" but my knowledge of the new album tracks is lacking to really know the differences.

    debeschaving festival
    22.00 - 23.15 de bekroning stage



    "hello, we're mogwai from glasgow, scotland. are you ready to party?" mogwai's stuart braithwaite says ironically. "yeah? then you better go somewhere else."

    from dennis:

    it was a very very good show. both "batcat" and "we're no here" were very loud with "we're no here" ending in a frenzy of noise and feedback which lasted for a good couple of minutes. the new songs held up very good live and i must say they went down rather with the crowd.