bright light ! articles
interview by: manuel
date: april 1998

why did you decided to play music? and why/how did you began with mogwai?

stuart braithwaite: i can only play guitar. we were bored.

which have been your deepest influences doing mohwai`s music?. everybody compares you with my bloody valentine, tortoise....i think that "with portfolio" is very similar to "chance meeting" from roxy music`s first album. am i correct? has eno been any influence?

sb: all are true. eno is good.

which is your favorite song of all times?

sb: heroin. the velvet underground

and, which is your favorite film of all times?

sb: the exorcist

you have been in many labels, and now you are in chemikal underground but you still release things in other labels. why? is chemikal underground your favorite label anyway?

sb: they are very nice people. they buy us juice.

do you get along well with other chemikal underground bands?it looks so.

sb: yes

you have released those remixes of the young team album on eye q, and you have also remixed a dacid holmes song. well, how do you see the dance/electronica music with yours: as an addition to your music, or the future line you`ll follow?.

sb: no. it pleases us temporarily

do you prefer the electronic music to listen to, at home (lying on the bed, for example), or do you prefer to dance it at some club, with a dozen of pills in your body?

sb: i rarely dance. i like the aphex twin.

what artists/bands do you like now? hood. janes addiction. jamc. pan american

which was your favorite affection, when you was 15?

sb: sex & nirvana

what changed your life? what did you like to had changed your life?

sb: having sex & seeing nirvana

of which song would mogwai like to do a version?

sb: "living in an oven" by trout

who would be mogwai`s perfect singer?

sb: natalie imbruglia/johnny rotten