bright light ! articles
title: stars and their locals
written by: ben myers
published by: kerrang
date: 11 nov 1999

stuart, dominic, barry and john from mogwai (cool picture of aforementioned members holding their lager with stuart looking kind of freaked out... - taken by chris casey)

local: stuart: "nice & sleazy."

where is it?: stuart: "sauchiehall street, glasgow."

what's so great about it?:
dominic: "pints of lager, but they also sell glasses of buckfast wine."
barry: "they do the best cocktails."

are you dry-roasted or salted kinda guys?:
john: "we don't do nuts."
barry: "i do, and it's always dry-roasted."

how often do you get 'em in?:
dominic: "we're all fairly generous buying pints and we have a system."
stuart: "we make sure our manager is there, and if he is we'll persuade him to buy us big pitchers of beer."

what's your best night at nice and sleazy, ever?:
stuart: "it certainly wasn't when we played there. john cut his hand open and i had to take him to hospital."
dominic: "...or when brendan (o' hare) threw a chair at him!"
barry: "the quiz nights there are hilarious - we've had a good few slagging matches with people there."
dominic: "the guy who runs the quiz is a total...dobber."
dominic: "basically we go there to give this poor c**t total abuse for two-and-a-half hours. that's always entertaining. we won the quiz once. it was the night before we had to be up dead early to go to america. our manager won us a bottle of tequilla and we ended up totally f**king hammered. john fell over and got a massive carpet burn on his face. then we were trying to get into america and john had this massive f**king scab on his face."
stuart: "and then he pished against a wall and sat in it!"
dominic: "then we bought him a burger and he woke up wearing it!"
stuart: "aye, it's not a bad place really...."