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title: sportz goth
written by: ??
published by: nme
date: ?? 1999

everyone knows that kappa is the only thing to be seen in these days. well, for mogwai anyway - mainly because they are sponsored by them - but also because being in this group is such a rigourous discipline it requires a uniform.

"it's what full-on neds wear in glasgow," enthuses dominic.

"it's a whole new style movement," expands martin. "it's called sportz goth."

"all you need is some black sporting outfits," pipes up john. "it's really that simple"

"if you want to do it in stages," continues dominic, "start with a pair of black trainers."

martin: "you don't have to listen to the rose of avalanche or anything like that. just listen to us. we're pioneers of sportz goth."

"yeah, concludes dominic. "it's brilliant."