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title: headcleaner interview
written by: ???
published by: headcleaner
date: 18th march 1998

this interview occurred over email on 18th march 1998, answered by john from mogwai via the kind efforts of colin hardie, whilst the band were on their norwegian tour. thanks to them both for the time and effort involved.

how did mogwai get together?
stuart started it. we were all in shit bands that played in the 13th note in glasgow.

how would you describe the band? what's the mogwai philosophy?
i think it's hard to describe the band. to make and play music that we like and have fun.

would you ever consider changing your sound if it meant more commercial success?

do you feel part of the scottish lo-fi scene (i.e. chemikal underground bands), or do you feel out there on your own?
i think that it is the bands who have avoided collusion in a scene that have had success. there hasn't really been any bands in a scene that has been noticed. the scottish bands on chemikal underground have unique styles of music but have a similar attitude of originality and importance of music. we feel close to them and so are not lonely.

who would be the members of your all-star fantasy supergroup (alive or dead)?
malcolm middleton (arab strap) - bass
david pajo (aerial m) - guitar
bernard albrecht (joy division) - guitar
bill ward (black sabbath) - drums

what's been the bizarrest thing to happen to mogwai so far?
playing live on french tv. not killing each other on tour.

if you had the chance - just for one day - to be aqua...would you take it?
yes. we kind of met them at the tv show. they were really nice people. i like their singles. robert de niro was there as well.

can you describe the feelings you get when you're playing on stage?
sometimes: ecstatic joy, tiredness, aggravation, confusion

if you were allowed onto global television for 15 seconds, what would you say?
"hello. we are mogwai. music can change things. listen."

what are mogwai's plans for the rest of the year?
finish touring/record ep, release ep, play festivals/record album, release album, play glasgow and london.