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"kicking a dead pig" 08/05/1998

catalogue numbers etc.

cd: eye-q [eyeukcd019]
2*lp: eye-q [eyeuklp19]
us 2*cd: jetset [twa13cd]
us 3*lp: jetset [twaXXlp]
japan cd: toys factory [TFCK-87227]

track listing

  • like herod [remix by hood]
  • helicon 2 [remix by max tundra]
  • summer [remix by klute]
  • 'gwai on 45' [remix by arab strap]
  • a cheery wave ... [remix by third eye foundation]
  • like herod [remix by alec empire]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by surgeon]
  • r u still in 2 it? [remix by dj q]
  • tracy [remix by kid loco]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by mogwai]

    the us release (on jetset) was packaged with the 'fear satan remixes' ep and comes as triple vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, or double cd.

    reissued in the uk on by chemikal underground on 1st october 2001, packaged with the 'fear satan remixes' ep.

    an album of remixes of mogwai songs. "remix" is probably the wrong word for most of these tracks - "re-workings" would have been much more appropriate as many of the tracks are like whole new songs in themselves, yet still manage to somehow keep the spirit of the originals. even if you are ususally sceptical about remixes, this is worth checking out.

    the kid loco remix has also been released on his 'jesus life for children under 12 inches' album (eastwest, 1999).

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    melody maker

    review, from the times, sat 16/5/1998

    originally posted to the chemikal e-mailing list by ian nelson and fowarded by daniel lewry.

    mogwai (8/10)
    kicking a dead pig

    on paper, the idea of "kicking a dead pig" seems preposterous. any sane person knows the last thing you do to seminal nose-bleeding tracks is hand them over to remixers. yet this is exactly what mogwai have done. what is more, they have not given their tracks to established mixers, but a selection of novices. yet this example of derring-do pays off. we have, for example, house expert dj q morphing a guitar track "r u still in 2 it?" into a disco swinger. others getting their mitts on mogwai's gems include arab strap doing "'gwai on 45", techno producer surgeon on "mogwai fear satan" and drum'n'bass artiste klute making over "summer". the terrorists who detonate their tracks best are max tundra ("helicon 2") and alec empire ("like herod"). nothing is sacred anymore. this album makes you realise you would not want it to be.