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"Rave Tapes" 20th January 2014

Track Listing

  • Heard About You Last Night
  • Simon Ferocious
  • Remurdered
  • Hexon Bogon
  • Repelish
  • Master Card
  • Deesh
  • Blues Hour
  • No Medicine For Regret
  • The Lord Is Out Of Control

    Additional tracks:

  • Bad Magician 3
  • Die 1 Dislike!
  • Tell Everybody That I Love Them

    The box set included all three bonus tracks, Bad Magician 3 and Die 1 Dislike! on 12" vinyl and Tell Everybody That I Love Them on 7". Initial copies of both UK and US vinyl LP pressings included Tell Everybody That I Love Them on 7". Bad Magician 3 and Die 1 Dislike! were included on the Japanese CD as bonus tracks. All vinyl formats were accompanied by 320kbps mp3 downloads.

    Charted at no.10 on the UK Album Chart, 26th January 2014, Mogwai's highest-ever chart placing. The week after, 2nd February 2014, Rave Tapes was at no.44.
    Also no.1 in the Official Record Store Chart of sales through independent record stores.

    International release dates

    UK: 20th January 2014 - rock action
    Japan: 17th January 2014 - hostess
    USA: 21st January 2014 - sub pop
    Australia: 17th January 2014 - spunk

    Catalogue numbers

    UK/Europe CD: Rock Action [ROCKACT80CD]
    UK/Europe LP: Rock Action [ROCKACT80LP]
    UK/Europe LP + 7": Rock Action [ROCKACT80LPX]
    UK/Europe box set: Rock Action [ROCKACT80]
    Japan CD: Hostess [HSE-30324]
    Australia CD: Spunk [URA???]
    US CD: Sub Pop [SP1070]
    US LP: Sub Pop [SP1070]
    US box set: Sub Pop [SP1079]
    US LP + 7": Sub Pop [SP1070 + SP1077]
    Mexico CD: Arts & Crafts [ACMX087]

    Production/recording notes

    8th studio album. Running time 48:50

    Recording commenced on Monday 5th August at Castle Of Doom, Glasgow. Produced by Paul Savage, who also worked on Mogwai Young Team and Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. Mogwai announced the album was finished on Twitter on 4th October 2013. The album was mastered at Abbey Road the following week.

    New track 'Remurdered' was released online, streaming and download, on 28th October 2013.

    The whiteboard photo (see below) suggests that eighteen songs were scheduled to be recorded. It appears one of these may have been scrapped.

    The boxset includes a hardback book of photographs by Steve Gullick, taken during the Rave Tapes recording sessions in Glasgow. The whiteboard photo gives some guide as to working titles for the various Rave Tapes songs. Some of these were matched to their released titles by Stuart Braithwaite:

  • Hexon Bogon - Hexon Bogon
  • Chapel - The Lord Is Out Of Control
  • Blang - unreleased
  • Mod 11
  • Mod 8
  • Ding - Die 1 Dislike!
  • Lady Assassin - Blues Hour
  • Come Back Two
  • Bad Magician 3 - Bad Magician 3
  • Bad Magician 4
  • Shaun Ryder Prison - unreleased
  • Master Card - Master Card
  • Security Wound - scrapped?
  • Juno Song - No Medicine For Regret
  • Mbika
  • Jay Z - Remurdered
  • Mod 3
  • Mod 4

    Stuart confirmed on the forum that an EP of the unreleased tracks will follow the album at some point.


    Box set

    Rave Tapes was released as a limited edition box set, featuring LP, CD, cassette and download versions of the album, plus an exclusive 12" and a 7". Also included in the package was a book of studio photography by iconic photographer Steve Gullick shot during the recording sessions and 3 x 12" x 12" art prints. Two different t-shirts were also available - the black shirt with the Rock Action release and the grey shirt with the Sub Pop release.


    Creative Review ran a heavily-illustrated interview with designer Dave Thomas:

    Rave Tapes is the fifth release designer Dave Thomas has worked on for Glasgow band Mogwai. The band usually have a photograph or film still in mind for artwork, he says, but for Rave Tapes, they were looking for something more graphic.

    “It started with a few members sending me things that they liked visually as inspiration,” explains Thomas. Suggested visuals included old sci-fi illustrations and films – in particular, Phase IV, which was directed by Saul Bass. “Of course, that source material has been used a lot, so it was about [using it] in a way that the band felt was personal to them and represented their ideas,” he adds.

    Thomas looked to the recurring shapes and motifs in 1960s and 70s sci-fi films - such as octagons - and when he discovered the album would be named Rave Tapes, began researching the design of analogue reel to reel tape boxes and diagrams of wave forms.

    “I started to play with illustrations that took those shapes as a starting point and went back to the band with a number of designs, ranging from straight geometric patterns to something more illustrative and maybe inspired by a loose psychedelic of semi-abstract direction,” he says. “Initially I saw it all as very much a monotone world that the imagery existed in, but the band felt that having something more colourful would capture the mood of the album more."

    Thomas worked with each member of Mogwai on the artwork - which he says is unusual for a band but "allows the design to go in interesting directions that otherwise might not have been taken".

    He has created a series of designs to work alongside the central image - both the CD and LP versions come with a die cut in the front cover and interchangeable inserts which can be swapped to change the eye motif on the cover. A limited edition including a set of three art prints, a 7" laser etched disc, a pink 12" vinyl and a book of photographs taken by Steve Gullick while the band were recording the album will also be released in January.

    Mexican edition

    Label: Arts & Crafts

    Catalogue # ACMX087

    Thanks Alejandro


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    Review from Aquarius Records, 31st Jan 2014

    While the title of the new full length from these longtime aQ faves had us secretly hoping for a record of straight up, ACTUAL rave music, the first track quickly reveals that Rave Tapes is in fact simply more of the Mogwai we know and love. So after the brief bit of inevitable no-rave let down disappointment, it's impossible to not get immediately swept up in Mogwai's lush loveliness, the opener a fantastically dreamy sprawl of blissy drifty post rock majesty, hushed, and melancholically brooding, darkly dynamic, expansive and layered. But fear not, this is not just Mogwai by the numbers, or maybe it is, but those numbers have been getting progressively less predictable over the last few albums, just check out "Simon Ferocious" with its buzzing synths, driven by a hypnotic, loping slow-mo, post rock groove, the guitars bordering on metallic, settling eventually into a cool buzzy bit of krauty post rock mesmer. Or the awesomely titled "Remurdered", which is all low slung throb, muted chug and Tortoise-y rhythms, in fact, it sounds a bit like a less jazzy, more skittery electronica flecked, synth heavy komsiche hypno-rock. There's one track with a hilarious sample of anti-Satanic ranting, which is fun the first time, but doesn't have a whole lot of replay value, but that hardly detracts from the rest of the record which slips effortlessly from Godspeed like instrumental epicry, to synthy, almost Circle sounding mathiness, to sweeping moody cinematic drifts, and to murky piano driven balladry, complete with vocals, a haunting bit of slowcore that sounds a bit like Codeine / Low / Galaxie 500, but it is Mogwai, so it eventually erupts into a soaring soft-focus squall of swirling psychedelic beauty.

    The final two song salvo, begins with some classic Mogwai, spidery minor key melodies, over chiming harmonics, buzzing bass, shuffling rhythms, slowly building from hushed shimmer to fuzzy muted bombast, before finishing off with the weirdest of the bunch, all programmed drums, vocodered vox, swirling synth wrapped guitars and fields of prismatic shimmer, the whole thing sounding more like Zombi or Umberto, albeit mixed with Mogwai's epic smoldering post rock tendencies, which is just as good as it sounds.

    Both the lp and the cd come housed in super striking, retro- futuristic, psychedelically geometric, eye popping, die cut sleeves!

    Review from Norman Records, 16th Jan 2014

    ‘Rave Tapes’ is the eighth studio album from the Glasgow boys, pretty amazing really as personally I’ve watched them blossom from wee scamps back in the mid nineties to the stadium rock giants they are now (well almost!). From the opening track ‘Heard About You Last Night’ it’s truly evident that Mogwai have become masters of their craft, some would say this is a tried and tested formula but so many bands in the “post-rock” genre have come and gone over the last 15 years or so, Mogwai however seem to be here to stay whether you like it or not.

    ‘Rave Tapes’ is a much more urgent sounding record than it’s predecessor ‘Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will’, with the purely synth orientated ‘Remurdered’ being a standout track and the album as a whole being quite electronic sounding, ‘Deesh’ being another synth heavy dirge, ‘Rave Tapes’ certainly doesn’t do anything particularly surprising or groundbreaking but it’s Mogwai doing what they do best, like an old comforting armchair, you wouldn’t want it to be lumpy or uncomfortable would you?

    Mogwai Whisky ROCKACT81W

    Mogwai celebrated the release of Rave Tapes by announcing their own whisky, ROCKACT81W, a limited edition Scotch, ABV 57.1%
    "The single cask whisky is limited to 324 numbered bottles, which were distilled in September 2004 at Glenallachie Distillery, Speyside, and bottled this month by the Creative Whisky Company."

    The whisky went on sale from The Good Spirits Co, Glasgow on 28th January 2014, priced Ł55. The band signed bottles in store ahead of their show at Glasgow Concert Hall the same night. The whisky sold out by early afternoon.