bright light ! discog

"zidane, a 21st century portrait" ost 30/10/2006

track listing

  • black spider
  • terrific speech 2
  • wake up and go berserk
  • terrific speech 1
  • 7:25
  • half time
  • i do have weapons
  • time and a half
  • it would have happened anyway
  • black spider 2

  • (untitled) - hidden track

    catalogue numbers

    CD: pias [PIASX067CD]
    double LP: [PIASX067DLP] (released 5th february 2007)
    australia cd: spunk [URA204]

    production/recording notes

    recording sessions took place in december 2005 and february 2006, at the band's 'castle of doom' studio in glasgow, with tony doogan producing. preceded by the 'black spider' single on 23rd october.

    'black spider' is a 'rock action' outtake, performed live on a number of occasions in 2001 under the title 'big e'. '7.25' is a 'come on die young' outtake.

    the 'untitled' hidden track is a lengthy (23+ minutes) improvised piece. this has been split into two sections (both called 'untitled') for the download market.

    apparently most of the song titles came from a comic - anyone have any idea which one?

    matador records will not be releasing this record in north america.

    writing credits (from chrysalis music publishing):
    7:25 - dominic aitchison
    black spider - dominic aitchison, john cummings
    black spider 2 - dominic aitchison, john cummings
    half time - dominic aitchison
    i do have weapons - stuart braithwaite
    it would have happened anyway - john cummings
    terrific speech 1 - francis barry burns
    terrific speech 2 - francis barry burns
    wake up and go beserk - john cummings

    stuart braithwaite q&a, oct 2006

    bl: how did mogwai's involvement come about?

    sb: director douglas gordon asked if we were interested sometime towards the end of last year. when we said we were interested, he came to glasgow to show us some footage. in the footage they showed us they had used the surgeon mix of 'mogwai fear satan', so we knew that our music was suited to the film. the film looked great and the idea behind it was suitably abstract.

    bl: and presumably it appealed to you as football fans?

    sb: i suppose so but i don't think liking football has any bearing on whether you enjoy the film. actually a lot of football fans found it frustrating because you couldn't see what was happening in the game.

    bl: had you seen the match, or any of the footage, before starting writing/recording?

    sb: yes, we saw about 15 minutes when we agreed to do it, and were given dvds of how it was coming along running up to the recording.

    bl: did the directors give you any specific requirements? mood, pace etc? if not, how did you know where to start?!

    sb: we weren't given any direction, but we'd seen how well our old music fitted in, so we knew what kind of mood worked.

    bl: 'glasgow megasnake' and the surgeon mix of 'mogwai fear satan' were used in the trailers, but don't appear in the movie.

    sb: we only wanted new music to be used in the film.

    bl: 'black spider' has been around for a while (an outtake from 'rock action'). do any of the other tracks have a history?

    sb: the only other old song is '7:25', which was written around the time of 'c.o.d.y.' but abandoned for sounding like it would have fitted on 'mogwai young team'. 'black spider' (previously known as 'big e') was also shelved for sounding too much like the previous record. they're both good songs though and this seemed the ideal project to record them.

    bl: there seems to be a more improvised feel to some of the tracks ('wake up..', 'it would have happened anyway' and the hidden track)? how did they come about?

    sb: the improvisation came about partly because we didn't have a lot of time to structure the music, and also because it suited the music we had written.

    bl: is this a method of working you enjoyed? will you use it again? would you consider a fully-improvised record?

    sb: i doubt we'd do a totally improvised record but would definitely do it again.

    bl: how would you compare the experience of recording this with the sessions for 'the fountain'?

    sb: 'the fountain' was already written and mapped out scene by scene, so our input involved playing all the music that was on piano, guitars and drums. with 'zidane' we had totally free reign.

    bl: have you had any reaction from zidane himself? do you know if he'd heard mogwai before the movie?

    sb: i've been told that he likes the music in the film, but we don't think that he knew who we were before the film.

    bl: last one, from cheggers on the forum - "i've long wondered about mogwai's album release schedule. it seems that the release of each new album (myt, come on..., ra, hsfhp, mr b) seems to alternate with a compilation or other special album (10 rapid, dead pig, ep+6, gvt comms...). i'm just wondering if this is planned on the band's part, or a happy coincidence."

    sb: i think that this is half coincidence and half the label thinking what can we put out to stop people forgetting who we are while we take donkeys to write and record.

    thanks stuart.

    zidane, un portrait du xxième siècle 24th may 2006
    movie: uip

    zinedine zidane film soundtrack

    mogwai are currently working on a film score for "zidane; a 21st century portrait", directed by fellow glaswegian douglas gordon and french artist philippe parreno. the film is a real-time, 90 minute portrait of zinedine zidane, celebrated french footballer and accidental hero to football fans worldwide. halfway between a sports documentary and an conceptual art installation, "zidane" consists in a full-length soccer game (real madrid vs. villareal, april 23, 2005) entirely filmed from the perspective of soccer superstar zinedine zidane.

    a minute-long trailer (including 30 seconds of the previously-unreleased mogwai track 'big e') can be found here:
    the trailer also features the surgeon remix of 'mogwai fear satan'

    a second trailer, featuring 'glasgow megasnake', can be found here:

    drowned in sound review, nov 2006

    boomkat review, 27th oct 2006

    unlike the irreverent whippersnapper who reviewed the `black spider/half time' 10", i am a fan of both football and the peerless monsieur zizu. of course, you don't have to be interested in either to appreciate a great mogwai album, and this is just that. lacking the nu-metal hooks that dominated much of mr. beast, this soundtrack recording sees the band at once returning to the strangely uplifting post-rock melancholy of their 'come on die young' days (see the stunning `7:25' for details), whilst intermittently venturing into more experimental territory (the bowed dronescapes of `it would have happened anyway'). arguably best of all here is the epic closer, `black spider 2', which for its first four minutes harkens back to the sound of their early singles, only to fade out, then fade back in after a lengthy pause to reveal twenty something minutes of spectacularly deep drift music which incrementally escalates in pressure and noise density only to take on a low-end gravitas comparable to doom maestros sunn o))) themselves. a perfect accompaniment to the grace and strength of the great man himself, mogwai's music here takes on a focussed calm constantly threatening to explode into a kinetic frenzy. just awesome....