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mogwai @ the globe, perth, australia 14/10/2002


  • you don't know jesus
  • mogwai fear satan
  • cody
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong
  • ex-cowboy
  • 'new one'


  • secret pint
  • my father my king

    thanks to john. this is incomplete and out of order. if anyone can confirm details please mail me

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    from john:

    a lacklustre gig, especially after the perth set of dec 99 which was incendiary, a seamless flow (not even an encore - there was nothing more they could have done) and one of the greatest gigs i've ever witnessed.

    support band adam said galore came on at 10, mogwai started 11.30. first song 'you don't know jesus' was awesome, and i was ready for another stellar show. unfortunately it just didn't carry any momentum from there, although it was cool to hear 'my father my king' live. another song was announced as new one that they hadn't played (much?) before. "that was sloppy, will probably still be sloppy in 3 years!"

    monday freakin night & crowd was too stuffed to be bothered, maybe same could be said for the band. first set was over in <1hr and i'm quite surprised the band came out again. the audience didn't seem fussed one way or another - maybe a contractual obligation?

    from dennis mckay:

    i read the review of this mogwai show on your site and felt a need to balance the equation a bit. i also went to the 1999 show. i live in geraldton 500 km north and travelled to perth especially for both shows. well worth it.

    i felt both gigs were great and mogwai are the best live band i've seen. my favorite gig was this one though. team jedi played a top set (i'll be getting their new cd) and the crowd seemed really into it and prepped for mogwai.

    from the start it was obvious it was going to be something special. bali bombings had occurred on the weekend and weighed on everyone's mind. mogwai hit a soothing spot for that sort of shit. both times i've seen mogwai i've been impressed how they have this confidence - stuart stares the crowd down and the music flows forth right into you. i was impressed with 'cody' - much better than on the album. they are that much more intense live.

    i felt the crowd was really into it and no-one was going to move until the show ended. i also thought they played 'christmas steps'. they did seem to play for a couple of hours. 'mfmk' was awesome - though the killer ending made me glad i had my ear plugs. sometimes i think they may be ready for a mellow ending as they don't need the noise. stuart hit his head on the mike during 'mfmk' and cracked up.

    i'll be back there when they come back - soon i hope!