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mogwai @ livid festival, melbourne park, melbourne, australia 19/10/2002


  • mogwai fear satan
  • you don't know jesus
  • 2 rights make 1 wrong
  • my father my king

    thanks to ian potter and chris.

    livid festival

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    from ian potter:

    i saw most of the bands set at melbourne livid on sat, but missed the first song as i wanted to catch some of mercury rev on another stage. all i can say is that they played '2 rights..' and 'my father my king' after whatever they opened with. the venue was the massive indoor rod laver arena, which was bizarre in the extreme, but mogwai were the only band who managed to fill the place with sound. we sat at the seats right at the very back, facing the stage, and it sounded absolutely amazing, you could really pick up on the subtleties of what they were doing.

    from chris:

    it was a nice little show they played, not as intense as the prince set days before. the sound engineer accidentally let the volume of the between-band music (a janes addiction cd) turn up a bit, which was a little distracting.

    another f*** up...during '2 rights make 1 wrong', barry was actually singing his part bare (rather than singing thru that vocoder setup..or whatever it is) for a little while. 'my father my king' was brilliant as usual, and it really proved to me that mogwai is the sort of band that should be playing huge arenas, the song really filled the venue better than any band i've seen there. can't wait for the day mogwai can pull crowds for an arena like that (the place was pretty bare..even with the hundreds that were there).

    while driving home (along the nepean hwy), my friends and i were getting shouted-at by a bunch of drunken tourists.. who we eventually found out were mogwai and trail of dead, who were trying to get us to follow them to wherever they were going. it was as exciting as it was frightening... we ended up losing them... my buddies reckon they were trying to trick us, but now we'll never know. at least i got to tell them (from across the street...through a handy megaphone..long story) how fantastic the show was.