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please tell us if you have any mogwai news or rumours that are not reported here.

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'helps both ways' replaced 14/06/1998

the much troubled 'helps both ways' from the forthcoming "no education..." ep is to be replaced by a track called 'small children in the background'. whether this track is brand new or simply the same as 'helps both ways' but without the football samples is unclear.

'helps both ways' may be on the new album if john madden gives his permission...

us releases 14/06/1998

the "kicking a dead pig / fear satan remixes" double cd was released by jetset records in the states on june 2nd. there is also a limited edition three-colour triple-gatefold vinyl version apparently due for release in "the next week or so". how cool is that?

jetset also have plans to release the forthcoming "no education..." ep in the states in late june / early july... super.

big thanx to rob devlin for this info.

us remix release date... 04/06/1998

i have been getting mixed information on the release date for the double remix cd in the states, so, to avoid being wrong, i'll report every date i've heard! heheh.

sanjay lakhana tells me that it was released on the 2nd of june, whereas according to rekkit it won't be released until the 24th of june... hmmm?

big thanx to both sanjay and rekkit, whichever one of you is right...

mogwai @ benicassim 04/06/1998

mogwai have been confirmed as playing at the benicassim festival in spain in august.

the lads will be joining other top acts such as tortoise and spiritualized. sounds great!

more info can be found at the [spanish!] benicassim festival site.

thanx a lot to manuel for supplying this info! [quite a long time ago too! sorry it has taken so long to put it up on the site!]

stuart the tv star 30/05/1998

juicy piece of trivia: stuart braithwaite was recently on tv talking about the labour government's failed promises. it was on a programme called "the party's over" on channel 4 on either the 20th or 21st of may. he apparently said about 3 words concerning curfews imposed on young people in parts of scotland - maybe this is what the "...[fuck the curfew]" ep title is all about then...

cheerz to adam [milford?] for this one.

remixin' in the usa 30/05/1998

good news for american fans of the 'gwai: jetset are set to release the remixes in the states! there will apparently be a two disc release containing both the "kicking a dead pig" remix album and the "fear satan" remix ep. no release date as yet i'm afraid.

cheerz to sanjay lakhana for this one!

fuck the lawyers 30/05/1998

the mog' lads have recently run into a bit of legal bother concerning the "no education..." ep. track 3, 'helps both ways', has had to be dropped because it used samples from an abc/nfl american football match without permission, and the lawyers began to get a little agitated. oh dear.

the tracklisting now stands as:

  • xmas steps
  • rollerball
  • ?

anybody who has a promo of the ep is very lucky indeed as they are proud owners of the only copy of 'helps both ways' to ever be released.

oh, and another curious thing about the ep's tracklisting is the absence of 'ex-cowboy'. maybe they're holding it back for the album? anyone know anything about this?

hee haw 30/05/1998

the latest [um, first ;)] issue of the 'hee haw' fanzine has an interview with john cummings in it and a load of mogwai gig reviews too. it's great and only costs a quid, so go buy a copy!

for more info go to the hee haw site.

manchester gig 15/05/1998

the forthcoming manchester gig on the 4th of june, which i reported on a week or so ago, will appparently not be trade only!!! the venue apparently holds 800 people, but there will probably be loadsa trades people there...

ta muchly to thomas johnstone for this info.

more ep info 15/05/1998

the lead track on the forthcoming mogwai ep, "no education equals no future [fuck the curfew]", will be the 11-minute long 'christmas steps'. there will be two other tracks on there, one of them probably 'ex-cowboy'. the other track is said to sound like "an american football match taped off the tv with some talking over it" - nice. could this be 'rollerball'?

the release date still seems to be the 29th of june.

new track alert / bogus peel 15/05/1998

mogwai apparently played a brand new track called 'rollerball' at their gig in lille recently. this gig was reportedly one of their best ever, and i have a couple of reviews on the way...

oh, and as many of you will have noticed, the rumoured peel session never happened last night. damn. it was half man half biscuit instead, who are quite funky anyway - but were the rumours some nasty conspiracy to get more listeners to tune in? who knows...

peel session this thursday ? 10/05/1998

there was a rumour on the no-fi spiritualized newsgroup that john peel is broadcasting a mogwai session this thursday on his radio 1 show [uk]. i have no idea how true this is, but if it is true i doubt it'll be a new session because they just had a new one broadcast around the end of february. it's possible that they could be re-broadcasting that set, which would be a damn fine thing anyway because it is fecking marvellous. even better, however, would be if peel was to repeat the set they did a couple of years back where, during the "quiet" phase of one of mogwai's trademark quiet-loud-quiet-loud sequences an emergency tape came on because they thought the equipment had broke or something! nice one radio 1...

if anyone has any more dope on this then, as ever, let me know...

mogwai live 10/05/1998

first of all: happy birthday to stuart mog'! heheh!

right, on with the important stuff... i have some info about some possible mogwai uk dates, nicked from the chemikal underground message board and the spiritualized no-fi newsgroup.

first of all, mogwai have been confirmed to play reading on "the friday", second on the bill to the super furry animals.

there's apparently a gig in manchester on the 4th of june to promote the forthcoming remix album. this gig is probably trade only, but when has that ever stopped anyone from trying, eh? *grin*

mogwai are also rumoured to be playing a gig in aberdeen in august, but again this is merely a rumour...

thanx to daniel [lewry?] and maureen ridley for letting me nick this info and passing it off as my own without them knowing. i love you both.

new ep update ! 1/05/1998

the new mogwai ep will be called "no education equals no future [fuck the curfew]" and should be released in the uk on the 29th of june.

the tracklisting is still unknown, although as previously mentioned "christmas steps" [fka "procedure 4"] and "ex-cowboy" will probably be on there.

huge thanks to thomas johnstone for this info! top man!

collectable mog' 1/05/1998

mogwai were voted "collectable artist no. 327" last year by readers of record collector. nice, i think.

thanks to daniel lewry [is that surname right daniel?] for this info.

mogwai @ reading '98 26/04/1998

mogwai are to play at reading festival this year!!! they will play on the 28th of whatever month it is the festival is held in [sorry ;)].

new single on the way 23/04/1998

the new mogwai lp is apparently sounding great [did we expect otherwise?] and is on schedule for release in october.

now we knew this already - the *new* news is that there will be a single released from this new lp in september! ace!

thanx to mike keelin for this info.

spacemen 3 tribute 13/04/1998

mogwai are apparently contributing on a tribute album to the superb spacemen 3. arab strap are also contributing. there are apparently going to be only 2000 copies, and the really early people get it "boxed" too. oooh! it is scheduled for release on the 4th of may on rocketgirl [?] records.

map records are currently advertising it for 14.99, whereas purple records are doing it for 10.99... so shop around!

thanx to thomas holland and "daniel" for this info.

satanic messages corrupt our youth ! 12/04/1998

ok, i admit it: i have far too much free time on my hands. why do i say this? well recently i have been searching through mogwai songs looking for "hidden messages" - well, backwards talking to be precise. anyway, undoubtedly the funniest discovery was the backwards talking at the end of 'yes! i am a long way from home'. u can download a .wav file of it translated here - but be warned, its not for the easily offended...

almost as ammusing is u-ziq's reversed message for mogwai at the end of his 'mogwai fear satan' remix... have a listen [.wav] if u really want too...

oh, and i discovered that 'end', by the way, is merely 'helicon 2' reversed... nice.

time for me to go and do something more productive with my time methinks... hmmm, i wonder if spiritualized have any hidden messages in their songs... ;)

mogwai meltdown ? 11/04/1998

unfounded speculation alert: mogwai could possibly be playing at this years 'meltdown' festival. although nothing certain has been announced it seems highly likely as mogwai's record label, chemikal underground, have their own "label night" there... fingers crossed huh?

the meltdown festival takes place from june 20th to july 5th at london's royal festival hall. this years event will be hosted by john peel and tickets cost 8-15. take a visit to for more info.

european tour dates 11/04/1998

mogwai are going to be touring europe for the next couple of months. here are the latest dates:

date location venue
12 nijmegen doonroosje
13 griningen vera
15 nancy terminal export
16 geneva usine kugler
17 bourges l'escale
18 montpelier victoires 2
20 milan tunnel
21 turin barrumba
22 bologna covo
23 rome frontiera
24 bari hype
27 toulouse bikini
29 lyon b52
2 madrid festimad
5 bordeaux krakatoa
6 rennes ubu
7 amiens la lune des pirates
9 lille aeronef

forthcoming releases 04/04/1998

loox like a good year for new mogwai releases. we've already had the black sabbath cover and the 'mogwai fear satan' remixes, and there's still more stuff to come! excellent!

next in line is the remixes album, again on eye-q records. beautifully titled "kicking a dead pig", the tracklisting goes thus:

  • like herod [remix by hood]
  • r u still in 2 it? [remix by dj q]
  • tracy [remix by kid loco]
  • summer [remix by klute]
  • helicon 2 [remix by max tundra]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by surgeon]
  • 'gwai on 45' [remix by arab strap]
  • like herod [remix by atari teenage riot]
  • a cheery wave ... [remix by third eye foundation]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by mogwai]

currently scheduled for release on the 18th of may in the uk, there are also plans to release it proper in the us and france too.

looking a bit further ahead into the murky mists of the future sees the release of a new ep around the 2nd of june on chemikal underground records. featuring all brand new songs, the tracklist is currently uncertain - although it shouldn't be too much of a risk to say that it will probably include the excellent "christmas steps" [probably as the lead track] and "ex-cowboy" that the mog' have been gigging recently...

and then finally, in october, the boys will release their second lp. there are no details on this at the moment except, of course, that it is gonna be fecking ace ;).

fear satan ! 30/03/1998

the mogwai fear satan remixes ep was released today in the uk! the vinyl features remixes by u-ziq, surgeon and kevin shields, and the cd release has an extra remix by mogwai themselves. take a look at the discography for all the juicy details...