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please mail rob or iain if you have any mogwai news or rumours that are not reported here.

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best of 2007 22/12/07

stuart's favourite records of 2007, from yesterday's matador mailout:

1 stars of the lid - and their refinement of the decline
2 lcd soundsystem - sound of silver
3 von sudenfed - tromatic reflexxions
4 growing - vision swim
5 alan sparhawk - solo guitar
6 shellac - excellent italian greyhound
7 mia - kala
8 mum - go smear the poison ivy
9 om - pilgrimage
10 fuck buttons - brighter tomorrow (single)
11 battles - mirrored
12 radiohead - in rainbows


valhalla rising 15/12/07

a number of websites are reporting that mogwai have been asked to score director nicholas winding refn’s viking epic 'valhalla rising'., for example.

brightlight understands that a meeting with the director did take place but it was never followed up. further info as we get it.

update - this is definitely not happening.


demos 98 13/12/07

a cassette titled 'mogwai demos jan 98' sold for £136 on ebay last week:

the sellers notes:

you are bidding on a rare mogwai tape.

titled as "demo jan 98" and recorded on a maxell xlii 100 cassette, this is a genuine chrysalis music publishers tape of 11 demos. tracklist: guardians of fitba/ex-cowboy/untitled/waltz for jo/untitled/c****/untitled/untitled/mogwai w/thurston/untitled/sweet leaf. not knowing all that much about mogwai's music, i have no idea whether any of the tracks in this demo form eventually made their way onto commercial releases by the band: the number of tracks listed as 'untitled' suggests there may be a fair amount of unused material here. i have attempted on numerous occasions to find out more about this cassette and its contents, but to no avail; even posting a query about it on the band's own website, which went unanswered. what i can say for sure, though, is that this tape is most definitely not a bootleg. anyway, here then is your opportunity to own a very special and unique mogwai collectable. happy bidding!

update - comments from stuart:

i'm guessing that it consists of some of the 'come on die young' demos recorded at chem 19, an unused version of 'guardians of space' for a scrapped world cup chemikal underground ep and other stuff from the time. why it was ever made i have absolutely no idea. a lot of that will never see the light of day.

and from the seller 'royal terrapin':

i came across it at a charity sale about five years ago, along with a bunch of pre-release promo tapes by others such as gorky's zygotic mynci, soundtrack of our lives, etc. however, those were all straight promos of regular releases, unlike the mogwai which to this day i've never seen mentioned anywhere!

further info welcome.


'myt' reissue update 04/12/07

from stuart, on the forum:

as it stands there is only one completely "new" song from the sessions as well as some really good live and radio session songs from the time. the main point of the re-issue was to re-master the album so i have to say i've been surprised at how much decent extra music we've found for it.


rock action at christmas 24/11/07

the rock action christmas party takes place at nice n sleazy, glasgow on 15th december, with part chimp, trout and remember remember playing live.

also on 15th december, errors play a free 'drowned in sound' show at notting hill arts club, london (4pm - 8pm). the following night (16th dec), errors play the cellar, oxford.


dig for fire #6 18/11/07 have a free download of mogwai's cover of pixies 'gouge away' from the 'dig for fire' tribute album.

apparently no-one buys cds any more. have i missed something?


a mixed bag 18/11/07


oh well, another glorious scottish failure comes and goes. you'd think it would stop coming as a surprise but unfortunately it doesn't. no wonder we drink a lot. anyways enough football related mopery i should probably write something to tell you what is happening with our band. we have resumed rehearsing (meeting up and talking rubbish and occasionally playing music). we have the studio booked to finish recording (castle of doom is currently homeless) and we are going to get the record mixed in spring. if everything goes to plan the record (provisionally titled "the hawk is howling") should be out early autumn. it will probably have a song on it called "the precipice". martin and i are going to see the sex pistols tonight and i had veggie sausages and beans on toast for dinner. oh barry and me are dj'ing next friday at firewater in glasgow. stuart b


dig for fire #5 11/11/07

from today's news mailout:

* dig for fire - a tribute to pixies
man is there a buzz about this record. the wall street journal wrote an article about the project this past friday and we've been getting calls from all over the world about it. they might be giants, ok go, mogwai, british sea power, joy zipper and so many more cover the pixies with utter reverance on this tribute to one of the most influential indie bands of all time. the pressing plant promised us cd's the week of the 26th. so all pre-orders will ship that week without fail. we cannot thank you enough for your patience especially those who purchased the limited edition first pressing with bonus vinyl. it'll be worth the wait we can assure you.

for those who can't wait, on tuesday (nov. 13th), dig for fire will be released on itunes. there will also be a bonus ep available exclusively on itunes. both will be available monday at midnight.


stuart round-up 31/10/07

stuart was invited to write about something positively by drowned in sound. the resulting article has surprised quite a few people. thanks adam and james.

mogwai djs will be playing at the deerhunter show at abc2, glasgow on sunday 4th nov. thanks james.


us tour - spring 08? 27/10/07

from ground control touring (mogwai's us booking agent):

time: spring
situation: select dates / small us tour / festivals


10 today 27/10/07

today marks the 10th anniversary of the release of mogwai's first album 'young team'


rock action update 24/10/07

as previously reported, the next two rock action releases will be:

torche "in return" ep [cd, rockact33] - 29th oct

trout "norma jean" ep [7", rockact32] - 12th nov

it's worth noting that envy are playing shows across europe through november - check the rock action website for details.


media 19/10/07

who'd-a-thunk-it? explosions in the sky named mogwai as a big influence during an interview with austin city limits last week. click the link for quicktime video. thanks jonathan.

the oct. 3 episode of the new nbc show "life" used a good chunk of 'hunted by a freak' across two scenes. thanks james.


round-up 16/10/07

bbc radio 1's introducing... show with vic galloway (thurs 00:00 - 02:00) has a 'label of the month' feature on rock action this week.

stuart is dj-ing at a samh 'one in four 2007' fundraiser at the barfly, glasgow on 30th october. further details:


'myt' 10th anniversary reissue 11/10/07

from a chemikal underground mailout:

although it may make most of us feel a bit long in the tooth to admit it, mogwai's incendiary debut was released 10 years ago this year and to celebrate, we've been in discussions with the band about reissuing the album with remastered tweaks, bonus tracks, new sleevenotes and rejigged artwork. stuart, john, martin, dominic and barry are currently poring over live tracks and old sessions to augment the album's original 10 tracks and we'll be looking for a release at the very beginning of 2008.

and barry's been recording guest spots for the second de rosa album, due in early 2008.

thanks neil.


pacemaker #3 08/10/07

a reminder that the ebay auction for martin's pacemaker, in aid of the british heart foundation, ends on thursday (11th oct):

update: the auction ended at £271, the highest bidder being 'kkey36'.


round-up 08/10/07

tonight's vic galloway show on bbc radio scotland featured 'hunted by a freak' and '2 rights make 1 wrong' from mogwai's live set at the connect festival on 1st sept. listen again on the link above.

thanks to mark smith for letting us know that mogwai djs are amongst the attractions at the state x new forms festival in den haag, holland (14th and 15th december). the festival includes live sets from aphex twin, michael gira, jesu and the ex amongst others.


pacemaker #2 02/10/07

the ebay auction for martin's pacemaker, in aid of the british heart foundation, has started:

this item is the heart pacemaker, which for 5 years was used by me, martin bulloch. i am the drummer of mogwai. all proceeds of this auction will go to the british heart foundation to help fund their ongoing work in fighting and preventing heart disease in the uk. along with this quite unique item, i will also thrown in a couple of access all areas passes to the winner for a mogwai show nearest to their home town/city as well as other assorted goodies. i did a similar auction several years ago and managed to raise just over £200, lets try and get a little more this time. happy bidding!!!!!!!!!!


pacemaker 21/09/07


martin has in the last few hours come out of surgery fitting a new pacemaker. as happened last time we will have a charity auction for his old one with the proceeds going to the british heart foundation. details will follow in the next few days. get well soon martin! stuart.

best wishes for a speedy recovery, martin.

the last auction (feb 2003) included a nice package of mogwai vinyl rarities, and went for £210 (at least, according to a news item i posted back in 2003 it did).


cbp 0706 18/09/07

with the exception of the zxzw festival in tilburg (22nd sept), all of the autumn crippled black phoenix european shows have been cancelled. further details on

the good news is that a week of shows in the uk and ireland is going ahead in early october. details on the gigs page.


supersonic #7 15/09/07

soundboard recordings of a considerable number of sets from supersonic 2007, including mogwai, can be found here:


cbp 0705 10/09/07


without going into details, we have several dates in our eurotour that need to be filled, we have mostly unconfirmed dates that we're still waiting on, but now it has reached a critical point with very short notice to set anything up. we are working very hard on this as we don't want to pull out of the tour all together, letting people down.

so, this is where we call upon anyone out there who may be able to help with shows, or may know someone who can, please don't hesitate to contact us through this here profile or jeanette - direct.

we're not snobs and will entertain pretty much any sugestion that can fit in with our confirmed plans, if this is something you can help with, let us know and we'll give you the details, but for now we're looking for:

sept 23 holland, waiting - not confirmed
sept 24 germany
sept 25 italy, waiting - not confirmed
sept 26 italy, wating - not confirmed
sept 30 somewhere between germany and spain
oct 5 uk
oct 6 uk

as you can tell, we're in a bad situation, still waiting on shows at the last minute which may or may not get sorted. this is due to powers out of our control, now we want to put it out there to increase that chance of this happening.

please only get in contact if you have a good chance of being able to help, i know it is a long shot but at this point we're trying everything.

hopefully someone who reads this will be able to help?


'end of the touring' 03/09/07


well, thanks to everyone that came to connect to see us, it was a very enjoyable show.
so, aye, that's us finished the touring for 2007 and again, thanks if you came to see us this year. it's time for us to get stuck in to the recording of the album now so we'll see you at the other end with some new "jams" and apocryphal tales.

cheers very much,


cbp 0704 25/08/07

crippled black phoenix are in the process of booking an extensive run of european dates through september. details on the gigs page as shows are confirmed.


stuart interview 15/08/07

a new interview with stuart braithwaite can be found here:

worth a read - comments on festivals, the new album and calvin harris amongst other things. thanks andy.


rock action update 15/08/07

the next two rock action releases will be:

trout - "norma jean" ep [7", rockact32]
1st october

  • norma jean
  • lying face down
  • sugar and salt
  • atlas family brew

    torche - "in return" ep [cd, rockact33]
    15th october

  • warship
  • in return
  • bring me home
  • rule the beast
  • olympus mons
  • tarpit carnivore
  • hellion

    thanks craig.


  • dig for fire #4 28/07/07

    a brief clip of mogwai's version of 'gouge away' can be heard as part of the 'medley' at:


    supersonic #6 20/07/07

    a brief (around 40 seconds) clip of 'ratts of the capital' live at supersonic 2007 last weekend can be found in the 'supersonic 07 video feature' on the bbc collective site:


    sicko 19/07/07

    part of 'secret pint' is used in michael moore's new film, 'sicko'. songwriting credit goes to stuart braithwaite. thanks matt and dax.


    roky again again 17/07/07

    from last week's supersonic festival preview in the 'birmingham post':

    the band are currently recording in the castle of doom studio with regular producer tony doogan. with around half a dozen songs already in the pipeline, it's set to see the light of day early next year. among those, there is one track (originally slated for release on their 2005 outing 'mr beast') which is sure to capture the fervent imaginations of hordes of music fans - a collaboration with former 13th floor elevators ringleader roky erickson.

    "when we asked him to do it, no one had seen him for years," explains braithwaite. "i made contact and was writing to roky's brother for ages. it was complicated but definitely worth it."
    "he sang a song that's going to be on the next record. that's the one song that's actually finished for it, and it sounds really good. we'd already recorded the song but i went into the studio with him in austin when he sang. he's just a brilliant guy; a real survivor. there's a milkshake and ice cream shop there and they've got a milkshake called the 'roky'. that's pretty awesome," he laughs.

    thanks simon.


    supersonic #5 07/07/07

    from capsule, the promoters of the mogwai-headlined supersonic 2007 at the custard factory, birmingham (13th and 14th july):

    tickets are selling very fast now, and we are near to capacity for combined weekend tickets, so don't miss out:
    credit card hotline 08707544445
    and for those lucky birmingham based punters you can go to: swordfish - city centre, polar bear - kings heath, jibbering records - moseley


    7:25 26/06/07

    no sign of any new material in the setlists yet, but mogwai have given a live debut to '7:25' (from the 'zidane' ost) in the last few days. the setlist above is from the marea festival in florence on tuesday. thanks giovanni and luca.


    supersonic #4 26/06/07

    further info from capsule, the promoters of the mogwai-headlined supersonic 2007 at the custard factory, birmingham (13th and 14th july):

    metal - a symposium to celebrate and explore the musical heritage of the west midlands.

    for too long birmingham and the black country have failed to celebrate what is rightfully theirs, to claim the city and the region as home of heavy metal. perhaps because it is not deemed to be the most elegant or sophisticated of music genres the advantages of upholding and celebrating the region as the home of heavy metal may not in the past have been so obvious. however anyone who's ever been influenced by heavy metal see?s the region as a truly inspirational place and the roots of the genre have since spread to influence a wide range of artists.

    key speakers:
    jim simpson - black sabbath's manager for their first 3 albums
    edwin pouncey aka savage pencil - renowned music journalist
    mark titchner - turner prize nominee 2006
    nicholas bullen - originator of napalm death/scorn, inventor of grindcore
    + special guests for q & a session
    chair - tony sylvester - a human encyclopedia of musical fact and anecdote

    friday 13th july 07
    registration 4.45pm start 5.00pm - 9.00pm
    @ new art gallery, walsall . gallery square . walsall . ws2 8lg

    booking info: £5 or limited places available free to supersonic weekend ticket holders but must be booked via email by 6th july:
    free coach from the custard factory . birmingham to walsall and then returning to birmingham - limited places available.


    torche 20/06/07

    the re-mixed, remastered version of torche’s self-titled album was released by rock action on june 18th.


    dig for fire #3 09/06/07

    barry has confirmed, via the forum, that mogwai's version of 'gouge away' was recorded in the last few weeks, with barry on vocals and john behind the desk.
    american laundromat records


    roky again 08/06/07

    a preview piece for roky erickson's forthcoming london show (royal festival hall, june 18) again mentions his collaboration with mogwai, without giving any further details (although the 'considering writing new songs' comment could be interpreted as roky having contributed to a mogwai song rather than vice versa?),,2097535,00.html

    his comeback is proving extraordinarily fruitful. as well as an ongoing tour, he has recorded a collaboration with scottish band mogwai and is considering writing new songs.

    thanks geoff.

    confirmed by stuart in an interview yesterday - the roky erickson collaboration is a new mogwai track. it's scheduled for release on the album mogwai are currently writing and recording, and is the only completed track to date. three or four other songs have been recorded, and further sessions are scheduled, at the castle of doom studio, between festival dates over the summer. thanks simon.


    somerset support 31/05/07

    malcolm middleton supports mogwai at somerset house, london on 12th july.

    update: and tickets are back on sale, despite the previously announced sell-out. try see-how many extra charges we can pile on top of the price of your-tickets. thanks rob.

    update 2: sold out again.


    cactus 21/05/07

    mogwai play the cactus festival in brugge, belgium on 7th july. thanks jean-paul and david.


    dig for fire #3 17/05/07


    various artists
    dig for fire - a tribute to pixies!
    limited edition first pressing cd, split 7" colored vinyl & more!
    $20.00 + shipping

    the time has come!!! "dig for fire - a tribute to pixies" exclusive limited edition first pressing pre-order special!!! over the past several weeks rolling stone, spin, stereogum, pitchfork, nme, and dozens more have been excitedly announcing artists covering the pixies for this outstanding tribute. mogwai, they might be giants, ok go, british sea power, john p. strohm, and the rosebuds are just several artists covering the pixies for us. sean, myself, and our incredibly devoted staff have been working on putting together a very unique limited edition first pressing pre-sale for you. we cannot recommend enough pre-ordering this exclusive first pressing because once we sell-out -- that's it!

    here's what you get:
    1. exclusive "limited edition" first pressing cd with several bonus tracks & alternative artwork
    2. seven-inch "colored vinyl" split featuring 3 tracks (including bonus track not available on cd)
    3. two one-inch buttons featuring original album artwork from both records above
    4. a chance to win an autographed poster by some of the bands covering the pixies

    usa customers - $20.00 + $5.00 shipping (usps priority mail)
    intl customers - $20.00 + $10.00 shipping (usps airmail)
    *all pre-orders ship in october*


    marea 17/05/07

    one further addition to mogwai's summer schedule:
    26th june - marea festival, florence, italy


    radio 'gwai? 14/05/07

    thanks to markus mathis for this:

    if i'm not completely mistaken, rne radio 3 from spain will broadcast 16 hours of live music from the 'territorios de sevilla' festival (including mogwai?). the drawback with rne3 is just that their djs tend to massacre the live broadcasts with their comments...
    rne3: dvb on hotbird 13e, 11785h, sr27500, 192kbps and in spain on fm.


    it's that time again... 09/05/07

    to mark mogwai's return to live action this week, brightlight is pleased to present one of our infrequent competitions.

    justin fuller at table2press has kindly donated a poster for the mogwai show in englewood, colorado (may 2006). check the image above. the poster measures 20" by 8" and is screenprinted on card. it's also is available for sale (along with many other fine table2press designs) should you not be lucky enough to win the competition.

    here we go then:
    name five songs you think will feature in mogwai's set in zurich on friday.
    tiebreaker - name the opening song.

    lists to by 5pm (uk) on friday 11th may. i reserve the right to bring the deadline forward, or change the competition, if the setlist becomes obvious before friday for whatever reason.

    entries now closed

    if anyone has any decent ideas for future competition questions or prizes, please get in touch. although you'll rule yourself out of entering by doing so...hold on, i haven't thought this through...

    results time - 16 entrants, 3 of whom managed to correctly guess 5 songs.
    the winner is françois talfer, who guessed friend of the night, glasgow mega snake, hunted by a freak, travel is dangerous and we're no here, and whose guess at the opening song (friend of the night) was played second.


    supersonic #3 02/05/07

    further additions to the mogwai-headlined supersonic 2007 at the custard factory, birmingham (13th and 14th july) - crippled black phoenix and shady bard. dominic's going to be a busy lad!

    festival capacity is around the 2000 mark, and tickets are reportedly selling very well.
    tickets also available from swordfish/jibbering/polar bear in birmingham.


    election 30/04/07

    stuart, dominic and barry have thrown their hats into the ring with the scottish national party in this thursday's elections for the scottish parliament. the snp's 'count me in' initiative aims to make the most of the creative talent in scotland.


    ever-decreasing circles #2 30/04/07

    further updates to the trading pages today, thanks to james good for his contributions.


    stop coming to my country house 28/04/07


    i saw terry riley perform in c at the triptych festival in edinburgh the other night and it was astounding. dave has been helping out gruff rhys at some of his shows (he's playing in edinburgh tomorrow night, we plan to heckle him). graham is in greece playing with crippled black phoenix. phil daniels has designed us some snazzy new t-shirts. i skelped simon tong at tennis on the wii. alex has been riding his bike around his country home. aren't we busy! damon albarn


    somerset #2 16/04/07

    tickets for mogwai's show at somerset house, london (july 12th) go on pre-sale tomorrow morning (tues 17th april). the show is billed as 'in surround sound'
    presale link

    general sale starts on thursday 19th april.

    update (24th april):
    the show is already sold out! fast work all round.


    rock en seine 13/04/07

    mogwai are scheduled to play the rock en seine festival in paris on friday 24th august, alongside arcade fire, the hives and 2 many djs. thanks christophe.


    supersonic #2 11/04/07

    as we reported back in early march, mogwai headline supersonic 2007 at the custard factory, birmingham (13th and 14th july). the already-stellar line-up (including om, kling klang, oxbow, tunng, wolf eyes, modified toy orchestra and serafina steer) just got even better:

    we have just this week confirmed doom-avant-metal gods sunn 0))) for supersonic, and if that wasn't amazing enough we also have qui lined up, who feature ex jesus lizard front man david yow, first performance in the uk.

    get yer tickets:


    dig for fire #2 10/04/07


    when i started thinking about bands i wanted on this pixies tribute, mogwai almost immediately came to mind, as i know they are huge pixies fans. i emailed stuart, asking him if they'd be interested. keep in mind, they were pretty much the first band i approached for this project, and i still had no idea if bands i liked would even want to cover pixies tracks at this point. stuart replied with a big yes, and said they wanted to do 'gouge away'.

    'dig for fire: a tribute to pixies', is scheduled for a november release on american laundromat records.

    further info as we get it. thanks jim and donald.

    thanks mo.


    cbp 0703 02/04/07

    crippled black phoenix are on tour over the next two weeks. starting with european dates, the tour returns to the uk for five shows from next monday (9th april). details on the gigs page.

    it's worth noting that the birmingham show (weds 11th april) has been moved due to a double booking. originally listed as the custard factory, it will now take place at king edward. more details here:


    mojo 02/04/07

    click the image to read the article

    bloc party's kele okereke talks about 'young team' in the 'last night a record changed my life' section of mojo magazine (may 07). thanks ben.


    bowery 31/03/07

    a reminder on this one, as we first reported it back in january:

    weds, april 4th, 2007
    the bowery ballroom, new york city, 7pm, $15
    live - sons and daughters, 1990s
    a celebration of scotish rock music, with dj sets from mogwai's john cummings and belle and sebastian's bobby kildea

    thanks michael


    mogwai vs nosferatu 30/03/07

    'my father my king' spliced with an edited version of the classic 1922 movie 'nosferatu': - part 1 - part 2 - part 3

    thanks nash.

    whilst we're at it - there's a new animated video for 'xmas steps' as well:
    thanks andrew.


    ever-decreasing circles 29/03/07

    long-dormant, the trading pages have been updated! we're attempting to compile a list of all known live and session mogwai recordings, with source info where available. if this sort of thing is your bag, please have a look and let me know if there's anything missing or inaccurate. please state your info source when mailing, and be aware that the database at etree is littered with errors and mislistings.

    thanks to james good and josh 'distance' for their help with this.

    one other recent site update you may have missed - a 'tour statistics' section has been added to each page of the gigography, summarising setlist contents for particular years. thanks to sam hunt.


    somerset 27/03/07

    two further mogwai tour dates from

    11/05/2007 zurich m4 music festival switzerland
    12/07/2007 london somerset house uk

    update - and another one:
    sat 26th may - territorios sevilla festival, monasterio de la cartuja, seville, spain. advance tickets - 15 euros.
    thanks javi.


    connect 22/03/07


    we are happy to announce that we are playing the first connect festival this autumn which runs from the 31st of august to the 2nd of september and is held in the grounds of invereray castle. other bands confirmed so far include the jesus and mary chain, bjork, primal scream, the only ones and the beastie boys. tickets go on sale tomorrow (friday march 23rd). for more information go to


    threadgills 16/03/07

    thanks to lydia 'green lady'. click for larger image

    stuart played solo in austin tx yesterday - any news on setlist? recordings?


    sonar hurricane 15/03/07

    mogwai have been confirmed for the sonar festival in barcelona (14-16 june). more info as we get it. thanks javi.

    update: and the hurricane and southside festivals in germany (22nd-24th june)


    stuart solo at sxsw 12/03/07


    contrary to some reports mogwai aren't playing at this years sxsw. i will however be going over in a chaperoning capacity with rock action younglings errors who are playing on thursday at 8 at karma lounge. also while i'm there i'm going to play a few songs earlier that day at roky ericksons' ice cream social at threadgills. it should be fun.

    stuart braithwaite

    further to this - from

    the roky erickson trust presents:
    the 5th annual roky erickson psychedelic ice cream social celebrating electro-shock survivors!

    roky erickson and the explosives
    spoon, robyn hitchcock and peter buck, michelle shocked
    stuart braithwaite of mogwai, tommy x hancock, black lips,
    powell st. john, j. t. van zandt & sumner erickson

    thurs 15th march, 2pm. tickets $20


    supersonic 07/03/07

    mogwai headline supersonic 2007 at the custard factory, birmingham (13th and 14th july), joining a stellar line-up including kling klang, oxbow, tunng, wolf eyes, modified toy orchestra and serafina steer.

    promoted by capsule, the festival has been running for four years.

    "as british music festivals go, birmingham’s annual supersonic event is the best kind of mixed musical bag, a dizzying assortment of avant rock textures and heavy metal thunder on a bill which swings from the sublime to the ridiculous without once seeming ostentatiously eclectic. not only is the music consistently better than that of most uk weekenders, the atmosphere is equally enticing, making this the perfect festival for people who ‘wouldn’t normally do this kind of thing’…the organisers of supersonic deserve credit for joining the dots between the cerebral pleasures of the avant garde and the primal pull of planet rock, striking a delicate balance between chin-stroking and headbanging few other british events bother to attempt." the wire 2006

    get yer tickets:


    edinburgh 07/03/07

    mogwai play edinburgh's liquid room on 13th may.

    just announced today!!!! the mighty mogwai were the first band to ever play the liquidroom 10 years ago and helped launch what is now one of the most sought-after live music venues in scotland. they help us celebrate by once again launching the liquidroom into the next chapter of it's musical life!!!

    tickets go on sale tomorrow from 12 noon priced at £15 + booking fee from tickets scotland 0131 220 3234 and ripping records 0131 226 7010.

    thanks andy and ben.


    triptych 28/02/07

    the line-up for this year's triptych festival (aberdeen, edinburgh, glasgow: april 25 - 29) includes 'stuart braithwaite', but further inspection reveals that stuart is dj-ing (on 27th april, at the sub club, glasgow) rather than playing live.


    full speed ahead 26/02/07


    so we've started writing new songs already with a plan to get into the studio sometime in the next month to record the first bunch of opuses. i'm dj'ing at an errors show at king tuts tonight which may or may not be live on radio scotland and i'm also dj'ing with our esteemed manager mr mcgee in budapest at the weekend. i'm also going to see nine inch nails this week too. its all very exciting. i think i need a cup of tea.

    stuart braithwaite


    magnificent malcolm 24/02/07

    malcolm middleton's excellent third solo album 'a brighter beat' is in the shops on monday (26th feb). the album is released by full time hobby, was recorded at mogwai’s castle of doom studio and includes contributions from barry burns amongst others.

    the magnificents release their 'ring ring oo oo' ep on 26th march, via kfm records. the six tracks include 'greenprint (mogwai remix)'. the mix was completed in (2004?) and previously only available on a promo cd. the ep will be followed by the 'year of explorers' album, recorded at the castle of doom studios with john cummings.


    dig for fire 16/02/07

    from pitchfork:

    american laundromat records has a couple of tribute albums in the works. the first, 'dig for fire: a tribute to pixies', is scheduled for a november 13 release. it features pixies covers by dinosaur jr./j mascis, they might be giants, the rosebuds, ok go, and others. mogwai are also rumored to contribute.

    further info as we get it. thanks 'autorock'


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