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please mail rob or iain if you have any mogwai news or rumours that are not reported here.

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cbp 0702 16/02/07

further confirmed dates for crippled black phoenix:

4 apr - circolo degli artisti, rome
11 apr - custard factory, birmingham
28 apr - an club, athens (re-scheduled date)

update: and more...
sat 31st - record village (instore), scunthorpe, uk
tue 3rd - tbc, torino, italy
thu 5th - tbc, milan, italy
mon 9th - underworld, london, uk
tue 10th - brighton or oxford tbc


fabric 10/02/07


friday 16th feb - fabric, london
pias/wall of sound presents....
mogwai (dj set)
kid 606
kling klang djs
error djs
part chimp

thanks dan.


sxsw 08/02/07

mogwai are listed amongst the line-up for the sxsw festival in austin, tx (14 - 18 march). further details as we get them, although this may be an error as crippled black phoenix are playing in greece on 17th march. thanks rocke.


we're definitely not doing sxsw

thanks stuart.


6music 08/02/07

bbc 6music's live at midnight will broadcast an hour of live mogwai on 19th feb. hopefully this will be something other than the reading 2001 show they've been repeatedly broadcasting for the last two years. maybe some fan feedback would help? thanks markus.


errors single out monday 03/02/07

errors 'salut! france' 7" single [rockact31] is released by rock action records on monday (5th feb). watch the video here:

available here:
norman records | rough trade
pure groove | rock action online shop
thanks craig


zidane dvd and vinyl 03/02/07

the double vinyl edition of the 'zidane' ost album is out on monday (5th feb).

hmv are running a special offer package containing the 'zidane' dvd and the soundtrack cd for £14.99 (inc delivery). thanks ben.


fans #2 14/01/07

mogwai have confirmed that they are playing at the atp vs the fans weekender in minehead, uk on friday 18th may. the headline acts had to play two sets at the same festival last december due to limited venue capacity - presumably mogwai will be doing the same?

in addition, have a mogwai show listed for 4th april at bowery ballroom, new york. it would appear that this is an error - the bowery website lists sons & daughters/1990s instead, and 4th april is during the period of the crippled black phoenix tour.

update: the line-up for the bowery ballroom show on 4th april includes mogwai djs.
thanks mark.


top gear 30/01/07

the first episode of the new series of bbc 2's top gear, broadcast last sunday (28th jan), used 'we're no here' and 'auto rock' to soundtrack a jaguar test-drive.

update: and 'cody' was used in the opening scenes of e4’s new drama skins on thursday night. thanks derek.

update 2: itv's uefa cup football trailers, screened during february, used an extract from 'death is the road to awe', from 'the fountain' ost. thanks mo.


cbp 0701 22/01/07

crippled black phoenix have announced that they will be playing at the rhâââ lovely festival (fernelmont, belgium) on 7th april. thanks david. further dates to be confirmed.

update: the first dates, including uk and european shows, are on the gigs page

the album "a love of shared disasters" will be released on monday 2nd april. it will be available in a digi-pack cd format and also 2x12" vinyl gatefold....this will include a lovely 12"x24" screen printed poster with the first limited number of copies.


fans 14/01/07

mogwai have been asked to play at the atp vs the fans weekender (may 18-20 2007). news on their decision is expected soon.


herd 14/01/07

mogwai will be televised by on einsfestival, which is only available via digital satellite.

rockpalast: mogwai
haldern pop festivals 2006 (rees-haldern, niederrhein)
aufzeichnung vom 04.08.2006
donnerstag, 01.02.2007, 00:30 uhr und 04:45 uhr
sonntag, 04.02.2007, 05:00 uhr

thanks markus


round-up 06/01/07

the vinyl edition of the 'zidane' ost album should be ready within weeks. more details to follow. the film is released on dvd on 29th january. there are a number of online preorders: | cd-wow
further links welcome.

stuart's picks for 2006, from the matador newsletter:

1 country teasers - the empire strikes back
2 joanna newsom -ys
3 arab strap - 10 years of tears
4 arctic monkeys - whatever
5 growing - color wheel
6 the goslings - the grandeur of hair

and finally, there's a new errors video, for the forthcoming 'salut! france' single [rockact31].


2007 29/12/06

we don't have any plans, other than to play a few shows in the summer. we're just writing and rehearsing.

thanks stuart.


rock action singles club 18/12/06


rasc001 - desalvo - singles club on sale...

they’re finally here! pressed on super heavy, milk chocolate coloured vinyl this is the first release in the oft talked-about but finally realised rock action singles club series.

these 7”s are limited pressings so if you want one you’d better be quick since they’ve been flying off the shelves as pre-orders.

thanks craig.


the list 15/12/06

mogwai hit #3 in the list 'hot 100' 2006 - the most influential people in the arts in scotland. douglas gordon (director of the 'zidane' movie, amongst other things) makes #1.

to make one great album is a job well done. to do two, well that’s just careless. mogwai thrust mr beast out into the bright unforgiving daylight in march this year, while a second long (ish) player, the soundtrack to douglas gordon’s movie/art piece zidane: a 21st century portrait slipped out in october. the former was among the band’s very finest work, the quintet’s dark, circular guitar patterns building into more textured and varied shapes than ever, with the hellish rumble of ‘glasgow mega snake’ distilling all that is heavy and thrilling about mogwai in one three-and-a-half minute hunk.

mogwai remain a singular force in music; underrated underdogs, chewing at the heels of fakers. after finding their own groove they have hacked into it undeterred and are in no hurry to vacate it. the collaboration with douglas gordon may help their credentials in the grown up world of art but it is on the floor of the barras that it really matters and they stand proudly as purveyors of some of the finest music that has emanated from these borders all year.


ex drummer #2 15/12/06

'hunted by a freak' features on the soundtrack to koen mortier's forthcoming movie 'ex-drummer', alongside tracks from (amongst others) lightning bolt, millionaire and isis. more info here:

thanks wouter.


globes 14/12/06

the fountain ost, composed by clint mansell, and performed by kronos quartet and mogwai, has been nominated for a 'golden globe' award award (best original score - motion picture). thanks christian.

congratulations to all concerned - here's hoping for the oscars!


nme 10/12/06

having barely found time to mention mogwai in 2006, it's pleasing to see that nme have picked 'mr. beast' as their 25th best album of the year.

any other notable end of year mentions?

update: #39 in the decibel magazine list. thanks scott.


malc 05/12/06

malcolm middleton's third solo album 'a brighter beat' is released on 26th feb 2007 by full time hobby, preceded by the single 'a brighter beat' at the end of january.

recorded at mogwai’s castle of doom studio in glasgow with co-producer tony doogan (mogwai, belle & sebastian, dirty pretty things), 'a brighter beat' features the talents of numerous luminaries from the glasgow scene. barry burns (mogwai), jenny reeve (reindeer section), paul savage (delgados) and mick cooke (belle & sebastian) appear alongside numerous string and brass players.

the track 'a brighter beat' can be heard at


ex drummer 03/12/06

mogwai feature on the soundtrack to koen mortier's forthcoming movie 'ex-drummer'. the film is scheduled for european release in january 2007. further info welcome.

thanks wouter.


stuart dj 25/11/06

stuart will be dj-ing at ego in edinburgh after arab strap's show at cabaret voltaire (1st december).


friend piano 24/11/06

we've had guitar and bass tab sent in, but never piano - until now. has a piano transcription of 'friend of the night'. thanks chregi.


fountain remixed 14/11/06

composed by clint mansell, and performed by kronos quartet and mogwai, the fountain ost is released next week (20th november) by nonesuch records.


have you ever contemplated the idea of eternal life? here's your chance to delve deeper, using content sourced directly from the upcoming movie "the fountain". get your work heard and seen by your peers and by the creators of this epic tale. create a musical mashup using original tracks from clint mansell's soundtrack, visuals, imagery from the film, and whatever else springs to mind. use any software you want to create your remix, upload your version, and view, rate, and comment on other's efforts. there's also an area where key players involved with the soundtrack will respond to questions.

finally, our three favorite remixes will be included as a free download on the official site along with remixes by clint mansell and others.

the downloads include the multitracks for 'stay with me', alongside video and images from the movie. thanks michael.


tokyo filming 10/11/06


please film us in tokyo

we are inviting all the people who are coming to our 2 tokyo shows this weekend to film us on their phones, cameras and handheld video cameras for a live film that we are making of our last 2 concerts of 2006. we'll soon post details of where to send us your footage. thanks! mogwai.


'zidane' minisite 08/11/06

the 'zidane - a 21st century portrait' ost has its own minisite, including streaming audio, clips from the film and a competition:


new links 06/11/06

photos from the ruisrock festival in finland in july:
thanks janne.

photos and video from the toronto show in may:
thanks jonathan and sebastien.


nonesuch singles club 01/11/06

click on the image for larger version.

the tracks selected for the november issue of the nonesuch records 'singles club' are:
clint mansell & kronos quartet ‘tree of life’ (the fountain ost)
steve reich ‘drumming’ (fourtet remix) from the ep reich: remixed 2006
the 6ths ‘you you you you you’ from the soundtrack album pieces of april

the tracks are available to download at a cost of 99p here:


'zidane' ost out today 30/10/06

the 'zidane - a 21st century portrait' ost is released today in europe by pias. links to reviews much appreciated.

the lengthy hidden improvised track (as mentioned in the q&a with stuart below) has been split into two sections for the digital download market. both tracks are called "untitled", one lasting 17:45 and the other 5:16. thanks brian.


rock action update 25/10/06

from this week's newsletter (full details at

the oft-talked about and long awaited album from kling klang is released in uk on november 13th. acting as a retrospective of their career to date the record features singles, b-sides and previously unreleased material. there are also a few shows lined up for december.

torche are currently on a mammoth tour of europe, chances are they'll be playing near you...go and see them, they are phenomenal! rock action will be giving their re-mixed, re-mastered self-titled album an official release in uk and europe in 2007.

errors have just handed over new tracks which we'll be releasing as a single in early 2007. the tracks are called 'salut! france' and 'maeve binchy' and both are seriously wicked. you can expect an album from them around spring time. they also have a couple of live dates planned for december as well.

part chimp are going to be on tour in europe during october/november.

earlier in the year trout went into the castle of doom with john cummings from mogwai and recorded a few songs. rock action put out their 3 wise men ep way, way back in the day, and they still stand as one of glasgow's most enigmatic and influential bands. you can expect to hear the results from these sessions in the new year in the form of an ep.

singles club
a while back we may have mentioned we were planning on doing a 7" singles club, well we're pleased to announce the details of the first release in the series.
each release is highly limited and will be available via our online store, so you'd better be in quick if you want one. the first 7" is by desalvo and the tunes are awesome, if you've been lucky enough to catch the band live then you'll have an idea of what to expect, if not then...further details about the whole singles club thing can be found at

we've got some really neat looking new rock action t-shirt designs available on the rock action shop. find all your clothing needs here:


zidane ost - stuart q&a 23/10/06

today sees the release of the 'black spider' 10" single [PIASX067T], lifted from the 'zidane, a 21st century portrait' ost. the full cd [PIASX067CD] is released next monday (30th october) with a vinyl edition to follow.

it's worth noting that matador records will not be releasing this record in north america.

stuart kindly agreed to answer a few questions about the record.

bl: how did mogwai's involvement come about?

sb: director douglas gordon asked if we were interested sometime towards the end of last year. when we said we were interested, he came to glasgow to show us some footage. in the footage they showed us they had used the surgeon mix of 'mogwai fear satan', so we knew that our music was suited to the film. the film looked great and the idea behind it was suitably abstract.

bl: and presumably it appealed to you as football fans?

sb: i suppose so but i don't think liking football has any bearing on whether you enjoy the film. actually a lot of football fans found it frustrating because you couldn't see what was happening in the game.

bl: had you seen the match, or any of the footage, before starting writing/recording?

sb: yes, we saw about 15 minutes when we agreed to do it, and were given dvds of how it was coming along running up to the recording.

bl: did the directors give you any specific requirements? mood, pace etc? if not, how did you know where to start?!

sb: we weren't given any direction, but we'd seen how well our old music fitted in, so we knew what kind of mood worked.

bl: 'glasgow megasnake' and the surgeon mix of 'mogwai fear satan' were used in the trailers, but don't appear in the movie.

sb: we only wanted new music to be used in the film.

bl: 'black spider' has been around for a while (an outtake from 'rock action'). do any of the other tracks have a history?

sb: the only other old song is '7:25', which was written around the time of 'c.o.d.y.' but abandoned for sounding like it would have fitted on 'mogwai young team'. 'black spider' (previously known as 'big e') was also shelved for sounding too much like the previous record. they're both good songs though and this seemed the ideal project to record them.

bl: there seems to be a more improvised feel to some of the tracks ('wake up..', 'it would have happened anyway' and the hidden track)? how did they come about?

sb: the improvisation came about partly because we didn't have a lot of time to structure the music, and also because it suited the music we had written.

bl: is this a method of working you enjoyed? will you use it again? would you consider a fully-improvised record?

sb: i doubt we'd do a totally improvised record but would definitely do it again.

bl: how would you compare the experience of recording this with the sessions for 'the fountain'?

sb: 'the fountain' was already written and mapped out scene by scene, so our input involved playing all the music that was on piano, guitars and drums. with 'zidane' we had totally free reign.

bl: have you had any reaction from zidane himself? do you know if he'd heard mogwai before the movie?

sb: i've been told that he likes the music in the film, but we don't think that he knew who we were before the film.

bl: last one, from cheggers on the forum - "i've long wondered about mogwai's album release schedule. it seems that the release of each new album (myt, come on..., ra, hsfhp, mr b) seems to alternate with a compilation or other special album (10 rapid, dead pig, ep+6, gvt comms...). i'm just wondering if this is planned on the band's part, or a happy coincidence."

sb: i think that this is half coincidence and half the label thinking what can we put out to stop people forgetting who we are while we take donkeys to write and record.

thanks stuart.


cbp shows this week 18/10/06

the four crippled black phoenix shows take place in the next few days. these are the only shows confirmed so far.

the 'sharks & storms' 10" is available from a number of mailorder outlets, and will also be on sale at the shows.


'the fountain' sound clips 14/10/06

30-second audio clips for 9 of the 10 tracks on 'the fountain' score can be heard here:
thanks eric.


r & r 14/10/06

a third us tour for this year was mooted in a matador newsletter back in the spring, but confirms that this won't now happen (availability: NOT AVAILABLE).

presumably this means that the japanese tour will be the last for 2006? confirms the fourth show - 12th november, liquid room, tokyo. support at all dates from ratatat.


zidane 10" delayed further 05/10/06

the release date for the 'black spider' 10" single, lifted from the 'zidane' soundtrack, has been put back again to 23rd october. thanks simon.


'the fountain' ost 30/09/06

the release date for 'the fountain' ost has been put back to 21st november, to coincide with the release of the release of the movie in the us. it seems that nonesuch will be releasing the ost in the uk on 20th november, despite the uk/european movie release having been put back to february 2007.

update: tracklist -
the last man 6:08
holy dread! 3:52
tree of life 3:45
stay with me 3:36
death is a disease 2:34
xibalba 5:23
first snow 3:09
finish it 4:25
death is the road to awe 8:26
together we will live forever 5:00

'the last man' can be heard at (the site suggests it's an unreleased vocal version). 'death is the road to awe' can be heard on 'nonesuch radio', accessed via (scroll through, it's about the fourth track). please make the effort to have a listen - this soundtrack sounds like it's going to be something very special.

there's also talk that james lavelle will be doing a complete remix of the score.

"i’m working on a film with darren aronofsky at the moment, so definitely. it’s a collaboration between me and clint mansell who did the score, it’s to remix the score and do a whole new dvd package, the film is unbelievable."


barcelona cancelled 29/09/06

sadly the barcelona show tomorrow (30th sept) has been cancelled. from

hello, we've just had word in that unfortunately the barcelona show has been cancelled. it seems the venue had a fire in the summer and haven't been granted a license to re-open by the city council. all tickets will be refunded at point of purchase. sorry.


roky erickson 29/09/06

a couple of articles have appeared online recently mentioning a collaboration (possibly a single?) between mogwai and roky erickson, former 13th floor elevators frontman.

further info welcome. thanks steve.


phonem 29/09/06

mogwai play the phonem festival, istanbul on 28th october.


zidane sleeve and tracklist 22/09/06

we managed an exclusive on the 'mr beast' art, and i *think* we have an exclusive here too. click on the image above for a larger version.

1 black spider
2 terrific speech 2
3 wake up and go berserk
4 terrific speech 1
5 7:25
6 half time
7 i do have weapons
8 time and a half
9 it would have happened anyway
10 black spider 2

release date 6th november, preceded by the 'black spider' 10" on 16th october.

thanks christophe.

update: and it seems the dvd won't be too far behind - are taking pre-orders with a release date of 29th january 2007.

special features: * zinedine zidane interview * 2 'making of' documentaries * theatrical trailer * zinedine zidane & filmmaker biographies

thanks stuart.


cbp #6 22/09/06

ticket links for the october shows on the gigs page.

the album has been put back to january 2007, but there are plans to make the ltd. 10" (previously slated as a gig-only release) more widely available by mailorder around the time of the uk dates in late october. thanks justin.


royal albert hall start time 20/09/06

friday's royal albert hall show starts at 7.45pm, not 8pm as indicated on the tickets. doors 7.15pm. thanks mo.


zidane 10" 19/09/06


post rockers mogwai have announced a new single, which contains the first fresh material since their last album 'mr beast' and 'travel is dangerous' ep. as reported previously, the scottish band will be releasing a tribute to french footballer zidane, called zidane: a 21st century portrait, from which this single is lifted.

mogwai will now release a 10" on october 16th with two tracks from the lp included. zidane: a 21st century portrait then follows a month later on november 6th.

10" track listing:
a. black spider
b. half time

thanks sharon.

update - a couple of further links:
official english-language site:
guardian article:,,1877514,00.html

thanks steve and simon.


royal albert hall tickets 18/09/06

tickets for friday's royal albert hall show are back on sale - presumably returns or production seats?

in addition, a number of people are selling pairs or single tickets at face value via the 'hunted by a freak' forum - infinitely preferable to buying off a tout on ebay?


black spider 17/09/06

it seems that mogwai may have debuted a new song titled 'black spider' at last night's copenhagen show. apparently 'it sounds like a mini version of "may nothing but happiness come through your door"' - thanks christian. further info (or recordings) much appreciated.

update - 'black spider' is the track formerly known as 'big e'. after remaining unreleased for some years, it makes sense for this track to re-appear on the setlist now, as it appears on the much-delayed 'zidane' soundtrack. thanks hausi.


cbp #5 12/09/06

two further confirmed crippled black phoenix dates - nice 'n' sleazy, glasgow on 21st october followed by jabez clegg, manchester on 23rd october. thanks michael.


ostia 11/09/06

thanks to andy scott for sending in some great photos of mogwai playing in the fog at ostia antica last thursday. check 'em out.


shame! 08/09/06

r.i.p. the strap


route du rock 08/09/06

on monday (11th sept), c'est lenoir (france inter, 22:00 central european time) will broadcast around an hour of mogwai's set from la route du rock. thanks markus.


zidane screenings 07/09/06

artificial eye have announced a more extensive screening programme for 'zidane: a 21st century portrait' in the uk. details here:

thanks steve.


growing support 03/09/06

very reliable french listings site has growing supporting at all of mogwai's french and belgian dates in september/october except the marsatac festival in marseille (29th sept). in addition, confirms that growing support in amsterdam.

presumably this means they may well be playing the two spanish dates. and possibly the royal albert hall and other uk shows?

update: "growing aren't doing ANY of the mogwai shows on this tour, we asked them but they were unable to" - thanks craig.

update 2: kid606 is confirmed as support between 10th and 13th sept (not isan), and between 22nd and 28th sept.


crippled black phoenix #4 31/08/06


we have added another performance to be held at the medicine bar in birmingham 22nd october, available at these shows will be a limited 10" vinyl, this is in advance of the upcoming full-length album which shall be available november.

there are plans for another show in london (tbc), more details to follow. don't miss out on this special event featuring the full line up for the first time.


singapore podcast 31/08/06

stuart and martin were interviewed by singapore radio station 938live during mogwai's visit earlier this month.
to listen on windows media player, click on the orange coloured 'soundwaves' icon.

thanks melanie.


zidane 10" delayed further? 30/08/06

recordstore suggests that the 'zidane: a 21st century portrait' limited 10" [PIASX067T], originally due for release on 21st august, has been pushed back to 2nd october. thanks cheggers.

the film will be given a limited uk cinema release by distributor artificial eye, opening on 29th september at selected cinemas.


tour news 28/08/06 has four mogwai japanese dates listed for november, confirmed by details on the forthcoming gigs page.

de rosa support at the first three dates of the forthcoming european tour (stuttgart/bologna/rome). giardini di miro are already confirmed for rome as well. apparently isan may be supporting later in the tour - to be confirmed.

update - isan are listed as supporting in dresden, so it's very likely they'll be playing the other german dates too.


crippled black phoenix #3 28/08/06

more links: - official website - messageboard

the album "a love of shared disasters" is pencilled in for late october/early november, and the first shows confirmed:
20th october - the cooler, bristol
and further shows on 21st and 22nd october, details tbc

presumably this means mogwai's previously-mooted third us tour of 2006 will not take place until at least november?


rock action update 23/08/06

looks like the kling klang album might finally be heading our way - tracklist in the rock action discography. release date scheduled for 6th november.

torche embark on an extensive european tour in september, including uk dates in late october and early november. more info here:

errors have been added to the bill for the indian summer festival in glasgow, playing the abc tent on sunday 3rd sept.

thanks craig.


zidane 10" delayed? 10/08/06

the non-appearance of tracklist or artwork online, and the lack of promo copies (and hence no online leak) suggests that the 'zidane: a 21st century portrait' limited 10" [PIASX067T], due for release on 21st august, may well be delayed.

update: pias france has the 10" scheduled for 18th september, followed by the cd on 2nd october. thanks christophe. presumably it's likely to be the same for the uk.

both screenings at the edinburgh film festival have sold out. if anyone sees further uk screenings listed, please let us know.

update: nine further uk screenings at the curzon cinema, soho, london (29th, 30th sept, 1st oct). thanks marcus.


crippled black phoenix #2 09/08/06

further comment on the crippled black phoenix project can be found at for the next few days, an mp3 of 'goodnight europe' is also available. thanks michael.


more zidane - thanks steve 03/08/06

edinburgh film festival screening details:

stuart interviewed about the soundtrack:

a number of pre-orders for the ltd. 10" [PIASX067T] have appeared, the most reasonably-priced being recordstore at £4.99 (although personal experience of their delivery times suggests they're using the canals). the 10" is due for release on 21st august.

on an unrelated note - 'chem087', the new chemikal underground cd+dvd compilation, is released on monday (7th august). read more here: or order it from the chemikal underground online shop


rock action 03/08/06

the rock action records website has been given a thorough overhaul, and much-improved it is too.


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