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from mogwai young team (1997)


  • dominic aitchison bass guitar
  • stuart braithwaite electric guitar, monologue
  • martin bulloch drum kit, monologue
  • john cummings electric guitar
  • brendan o'hare guitar, glockenspiel
  • will simon monologue
  • colin hardie monologue
  • paul savage production


    produced at mcm studios in hamilton, scotland during the july to august 1997 sessions for mogwai young team. recorded, engineered, mixed and mastered by paul savage and mogwai.

    composition and writing

    composed by dominic aitchison, stuart braithwaite and john cummings. written by stuart braithwaite, will simon, martin bulloch and colin hardie. 7 minutes and 18 seconds long, in 4/4 time and the key of e minor.


  • first documented live performance: 08/06/97
  • last documented live performance: 2008
  • titled after american musician tracy chapman, whose song "fast car" bore resemblance to "tracy" during its composition


    instrument filename by
    electric guitar tracy_tab.htm thom
    bass guitar tracy_ver2_btab.htm lee tyrrell


    the following monologue appears at the beginning of the track; it is a short prank call between stuart braithwaite and will simon, an american employee of jet set records. they discuss what to do in the aftermath of a fictional fight between stuart and dominic, a practical joke by the band satirising the previous tense, argumentative atmosphere during the recording of the album.

    will: we've gotta do something about this.
    stuart: when d'you think you can make it over here? how long?
    w: i can try and get there in... twenty five minutes, maybe.
    s: right.
    w: i'll try.
    s: okay.
    w: we've got to sort this out.
    s: okay, i'm just gonna go, i'm gonna head off and just... try to speak to people 'bout this matter...
    w: we've gotta do something!
    s: yeah.
    w: if we don't take care of this then... i don't even want to think about it.

    the following monologue appears at the end of the track; it is a prank call between martin bulloch and colin hardie, the band's manager at the time. they also discuss the aforementioned fictional fight.

    martin: hello? hi, colin?
    colin: hiya.
    m: it's martin.
    c: hi martin.
    m: i'm sorry to bother you...
    c: it's alright.
    m: ...but we've got a bit of a sketch going on here.
    c: what?
    m: well... it's pretty hard to explain, but...
    c: tell us then!
    m: right. we were doing a mix and stuart and dominic got into a bit of a row.
    c: mmmhmm?
    m: and stuart was getting a bit stroppy with dominic, and it ended up that, dominic punched stuart, and walked out.
    c: mmmhmm?
    m: and said he's no coming back. and stuart's saying that he's out, or something like that.
    c: right.
    m: stuart's away as well, me and paul are just sitting here.
    c: where's stuart away to?
    m: he just phoned his dad and left.
    c: aye, and is john still there?
    m: no, he went away with stuart for some reason... tried to calm him down or something. another bloody sketch man, i don't know what to do, after this thing on tuesday.
    c: right, i'm kinda limited to what I can do, right?
    m: yeah, but me and paul are here totally, we don't know what to do, man. me and paul are sitting here and we don't know what to do.
    c: carry on mixing.
    m: yeah?
    c: this sort of stuff happened before, you know what i mean?
    m: it's pretty bad.
    c: it's a bit of a fucking sketch.
    m: it's pretty bad.
    c: well, right. if you could give stuart a phone, we can sort something out, we'll just work around it.
    m: i think dominic's just gone to get wasted.
    c: uh-huh.
    m: yeah, but i don't know where he went, he just left, just got in the car and went.
    c: okay, well, i'll speak to stuart, but then I'll get him to phone dominic.
    m: right, okay, fine. right colin. well, sorry you got down with this tonight.
    c: it's fine, i'll soon phone you back.
    m: okay, no problem.
    c: see you's.
    m: right.
    c: bye, later.
    m: bye.


  • "tracy (kid loco's playing with the young team remix)" by french musician kid loco. featured on mogwai remix album kicking a dead pig (1998) and kid loco album 'jesus life for children under 12 inches' (1999)

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