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contributions to recordings by other artists made by members of mogwai.
thanks to steve pearson for his help.

aloha hawaii
'towns on the moon'
10" vinyl: chemikal underground [chem108]

  • A: Towns On The Moon
  • B: I've Been Bad For Years And Years
  • "aidan moffat and stuart braithwaite are aloha hawaii and will be releasing a sporadic series of strictly limited edition 7" vinyl singles which will eventually find their way on to an album at some point in the future. stuart and aidan wanted to release something that was purely for you vinyl junkies out there." - chemikal underground

    "of the 2 songs recorded so far as aloha hawaii one has loads of african sounding drums, mellotron and thumb piano and the other is in 5/4 and has noisy jazz saxophone played by james who plays in remember remember. i bought a toy amp for £1 at a car boot sale which i played electric guitar and bass through on both songs." stuart, june 2008

    review from norman records, sept 2008 [single of the week]

    it's all a bit mogwai this week for me, up next we've got 'towns on the moon' by aloha hawaii ,featuring stuart braithwaite and his old mucker aidan moffat (of arab strap and lucky pierre fame, of course). you should all read aidan moffat's sex advice columns on the quietus, they're absolute gold and he's blatantly got a career wrapped up just in case he decides to pack in this music game. i'm far, far more into this than the mogwai ep and it's many leagues ahead of that last thing they did as the sick anchors, it starts off amazingly with quite industrial beats and a mental little processed riff that morphs around until it's eventually complemented by some lovely string action. it's bright and sunny shit that totally lives up to the hawaii thing.. the closest comparison i can think of is that track off the new mogwai lp that they put up for free download, 'the sun smells too loud'. it's got definite hints of the lucky pierre stuff but most of all i'm reminded of black dice. the track on the other side is called 'i've been bad for years and years' that's also got a bit of a grinding factory feel to the drums, like the lead track it's not hugely abrasive but it works a treat along with the droning synths and squeeling guitar solos.. it's making me think of stuff like cluster and guru guru, a real krautrock feel. things get taken down notch about halfway through and we go out all floaty and content. to round off the package it's all packaged up in an ace little retro design too. brilliant, best thing i've heard on chemikal underground in years! up yr chunter x brett

    aloha hawaii

  • dm777
  • otherwise-unreleased track from stuart's collabroration with aidan moffat, included in a mix for the quietus:

    arab strap
    'elephant shoe'
    [go beat 547805-2]

  • ??
    barry burns contributes
  • arab strap
    'the red thread'
    [chemikal underground chem050]

  • amor veneris
    barry burns plays piano on this track
  • arab strap
    'monday at the hug & pint'
    [chemikal underground chem065]

  • ???
    barry burns contributes
  • arab strap
    'the last romance'
    [chemikal underground chem082]

  • come round and love me
  • dream sequence
  • barry burns plays organ and piano. 'dream sequence' was also released as a 7" single [chem081].

    craig armstrong
    'as if to nothing'
    [melankolic cdsad13]

  • miracle

    images: front | back

  • mogwai contributed to the second album by scottish film score composer craig armstrong. other contributors include u2, evan dando and photek.

    arthur baker

    'the one that got away'
    [unreleased album]

  • aveinu malkeinu (aka 'my father my king')

    legendary producer arthur baker collaborated with numerous musicians on this project, commencing in 1999. mogwai were enlisted as backing band on a rendition of an ancient jewish hymn. a different version of this, recorded with steve albini, was released as mogwai's 'my father my king' single in 2001.

    stuart also plays guitar on a number of other tracks. the 'arthur argent vs acen - real fookin noise' and the 'arthur baker feat. astrid williamson - 1000 years' singles (both released in 2003) featured stuart braithwaite guitar tracks recorded during these sessions.

    lifted from an report in october 2000:
    "arthur baker, legendary producer, has revealed the full tracklisting of his bizarre concept album featuring members of ash, new order, mogwai, primal scream and jazz saxophonist pharoah sanders. three years in the making, baker's recently finished the double album and hopes to get it released sometime next year. it's possible that a track called 'glow', featuring ash's tim wheeler and mogwai's stuart braithwaite, could be released a single after baker described the track as "an undeniable hit".
    the tracklisting so far is 'real fuckin' noise' featuring stuart braithwaite and clint boon, 'getting the hang of it', 'meteorites eat at night', 'transindental misinformation', 'glow', 'dreams again', 'cara mucho', 'bust the police', 'the camden nod', 'words and music', 'love hymn' featuring stuart braithwaite, pharoah sanders and peter hook, '1,000 years' featuring mani and stuart braithwaite, 'alvainu malkanu' featuring mogwai and peter hook, 'sunrise' featuring alonzo bevan and 'she likes noise' featuring mani and clint boon"

    a track titled 'spitituality', apparently drawn from these recording sessions, was played on bbc radio 1 by gilles peterson in july 2009.

    arthur baker
    'real fookin noise'
    arthur argent vs acen
    vinyl 12": whacked [wackt004re]

  • real fookin noise (acen electrick mix)
  • real fookin noise (aa's electroclash mix)
  • real fookin noise (aa's electroclash uckless edit)

    images: front

  • the first fruits of arthur baker's long-term collaborative project. the 'electroclash' mix includes mogwai's stuart braithwaite, new order's peter hook and rob merril of ronnie size/reprazent on drums. released on arthur baker's whacked records.

    there are several versions of this release: white-label one-sided 12" (the 'total science mix' - no mogwai content), promo cd (four tracks, including the 'electroclash mix'), 12" in 'whacked records' generic sleeve (tracklist as above), double-pack 12" (tracklist unknown)

    arthur baker
    '1000 years'
    arthur baker feat. astrid williamson
    cd: tommy boy [tb24302]
    vinyl 12": tommy boy [tb2430]

  • andy moor 12" mix
  • one dead jedi break mix
  • arthur baker club mix
  • ulysses electro mix
  • ulysses electro remix
  • ab radio edit
  • ab alternative radio edit
  • stuart is credited as playing guitar somewhere on this record. further details as we get them.

    arthur baker
    arthur baker feat. tim wheeler
    cd: underwater [H2O072CD]
    vinyl 12": underwater [H2O072]

  • 1.glow (radio edit)
  • 2.glow (jagz radio edit)
  • 3.glow (arthurs rtny remix)
  • 4.glow (jagz kooner 12 inch version)
  • 5.glow (darren emerson remix)
  • 6.glow (the freelance hellraiser guitarmageddon remix)
  • stuart is credited as playing guitar somewhere on this record. further details as we get them.

    bardo pond

    downloads previously available from the bardo pond official website

  • lb
    live version of this bardo pond track, featuring stuart and barry on extra guitars. recorded at westbeth theatre, nyc, on 20th october 2000.

  • tommy gun angel
    live version of this bardo pond track, featuring stuart, barry, dom and martin on extra instrumentation. recorded at 9.30 club, washington dc on 22nd june 2001.

  • two planes
    live version of this bardo pond track, featuring barry on keyboards. recorded at irving plaza, nyc on 23nd june 2001.

    'return to central'
    [spinART spart98]

  • robotic

    stuart sings on this track

  • stuart leslie braithwaite
    'honest strings: a tribute to the life and work of jack rose'
    [threelobed JR-001]
    18th april 2010

  • song for jack
  • stuart's only solo release to date (feb 2012) is this track on a digital-only release compiled to benefit jack rose's partner after his death. the compilation runs to over six-and-a-half hours and is available here:

    david byrne
    'lead us not into temptation'
    [thrilljockey thrill 133]

  • ??
  • film soundtrack, released by thrilljockey, and featuring contributions from barry burns and caroline barber, amongst others.

    crippled black phoenix
    'sharks & storms'
    [10": invada records inv032]

  • sharks & storms / blizzard of horned cats
  • my enemies i fear not, but protect me from my friends

    first presssing (2006) - 500 copies in black vinyl. second pressing (also 2006) - 500 copies in green vinyl.

    crippled black phoenix
    'a love of shared disasters'
    [invada records ???]

  • the lament of the nithered mercinary
  • when you're gone
  • really, how'd it get this way?
  • the whistler
  • suppose i told the truth (why i went away)
  • long cold summer
  • goodnight, europe
  • you take the devil out of me
  • the northern cobbler
  • my enemies i fear not, but protect me from my friends
  • i'm almost home
  • sharks & storms / blizzard of horned cats

    the project of electric wizard drummer justin greaves. dominic aitchison, panthiest members andy semmens and kostas panagiotou, nial mcgoughey of 3d house of beef and solo folk singer-songwriter joe volk have contributed to the forthcoming album. at the time of writing (august 2006), the recording of the album has been completed, with dominic recording his bass parts at the end of august. all the songs were written by justin greaves. the first live shows are scheduled for late october 2006. the album will be preceeded by a limited vinyl 10".

    crippled black phoenix
    'the ressurectionists & night raider'
    [invada records ???]

    cd one - the resurrectionists

  • 1 burnt reynolds
  • 2 rise up and fight
  • 3 whissendine
  • 4 crossing the bar
  • 5 200 tons of bad luck
  • 6 please do not stare here
  • 7 song for the loved
  • 8 a hymn for a lost soul
  • 9 444
  • 10 littlestep
  • 11 human nature dictates the downfall of humans

    cd two - night raider

  • 1 time of ye life / born for nothing / paranoid arm of narcoleptic empire
  • 2 wendigo
  • 3 bat stack
  • 4 along where the wind blows
  • 5 onward ever downwards
  • 6 a lack of common sense
  • 7 trust no one
  • 8 i am free - today i perished

    dominic plays bass on the majority of tracks here. also released as a 12-song single cd edition, '200 tons of bad luck', with one track ('a real bronx cheer') not included on the box set.

    antony crook
    'thirty century man'

  • how to be a werewolf (remix)
  • antony crook is the photographer whose work appears on the cover of mogwai's 'hardcore will never die, but you will' album. 'thirty century man' follows round-the-world champion cyclist james bowthorpe cycling around norway.

    deadcat motorbike

    stuart played guitar in deadcat motorbike, prior to forming mogwai in 1995.
    credited as 'mogwai demos 95', the following tracks surfaced on dimeadozen in september 2005. they're all deadcat motorbike demos except 'summer', which is a very early demo of the mogwai song. this version of 'summer' also was used on mogwai's split tour single with urusei yatsura, 1996.

    most of the tracks have vocals. there's a very obvious tension in the band about direction, as 'sistergod' is almost slowcore and doesn't sit well against the preceeding raucous cover of 'runaway'. worth noting that, as well as 'runaway', deadcat motorbike's repertoire included the 'happy days' theme song.

  • 01 hurtling
  • 02 strawberry
  • 03 emu bucket
  • 04 death by disco
  • 05 runaway (del shannon cover)
  • 06 sistergod
  • 07 funky jam
  • 08 summer

    the tracklist is incorrect:
    07 summer
    08 dinosaur

    'funky jam' appears on the tape from which the rest of the recordings are sourced but appears to have been missed when they were posted on dimeadozen.

    a couple of tracks were released by the kaw tapes label - see below.

    demo review from the list:
    "deadcat motorbike, as you may surmise from the name, wouldn't be seen dead anywhere near a laura ashley outlet. this is a brash guitars-r-us band, alternating squealing riffs with moshed up drum batteries, the entire mixture shot through with a complete disregard for any sort of decent production which makes for rather difficult listening at times. catch them at a seedy rock 'n' roll hole near you for teenage kicks and guitar licks." (jonathan trew)

    deadcat motorbike
    'full as a catholic school' - various artists
    [kaw kaw22]

  • strawberry
  • emu bucket
  • stuart played guitar in deadcat motorbike, prior to forming mogwai in 1995. these were the only tracks to receive an 'official' release, on a various artists compilation tape.

    de rosa
    [chemikal undergound ???]

  • ??
  • barry burns plays on various tracks on de rosa's second album.

    'trucking & paving'
    [modern independent m.i.r.003]

  • trucking & paving
  • false start
  • these are the dry years
  • insert states 'martin played drums on this record'. martin donnelly contacted us to confirm that he drummed on this record. stuart was eska's drummer during mogwai's formative period, joining after the recording of this single.

    'split single with poison sisters'
    [flotsam + jetsam shag7002]

  • in the bottle
  • artistotle
  • martin donnelly contacted us to confirm that he drummed on this record. stuart was eska's drummer during mogwai's formative period, joining after the recording of this single.

    'III spike'
    [love train pube10]

  • III spike
  • let's fence
  • stuart was eska's drummer during mogwai's formative period, and played on this single.

    fuck buttons
    'street horrrsing'
    [atp recordings atpr28]

  • ???
  • recorded by john cummings.

    douglas gordon and olaf nicolai
    'monument for a forgotten future'
    emscherkunst.2010 art festival

  • the singing mountain
  • mogwai recorded 'the singing mountain' to accompany the 'monument for a forgotten future' installation at emscherkunst.2010, held on emscher island, near essen in germany. the track was later released as a bonus track alongside the 'hardcore will never die, but you will' album.

    david jack
    'without vocabulary'
    [kfm records kfm005]

  • ??

    stuart provides 'various bleepy bits and bobs'

  • david jack

    bbc 'session in scotland' session

  • absolutely no regrets
  • texture freak
  • strategic applications

    stuart plays guitar on this session from david jack (kfm recording artiste and mogwai's guitar tech), broadcast on 31st july.

    'make us mild'
    [guided missile guide39cd]

  • for the driver

    piano from barry burns, "appearing courtesy of caldervale high ex-teacher rehab programme. recorded by michael brennan jr"

  • clint mansell
    'the fountain' ost
    [nonesuch 7559 799 012]

  • the last man 6:08
  • holy dread! 3:52
  • tree of life 3:45
  • stay with me 3:36
  • death is a disease 2:34
  • xibalba 5:23
  • first snow 3:09
  • finish it 4:25
  • death is the road to awe 8:26
  • together we will live forever 5:00
  • the soundtrack for darren aronofsky's movie 'the fountain' was composed by clint mansell and performed by kronos quartet (strings) and mogwai (guitars, keys, drums). the film stars hugh jackman and rachel weisz, and was released in the us on 22nd november, preceded by the soundtrack on 20th november (21st november in the us).

    mogwai spent much of december 2005 and february 2006 in their 'castle of doom' studio in glasgow working on film scores, resulting in the 'zidane' and 'the fountain' ost releases.

    stuart (march 2009):

    we played all the drums and guitars as well as some keyboards. barry recorded a lot of piano as well but it wasn't used in the final mix. i can't recall specifically what songs we're on but roughly its about a third of the soundtrack.

    darren aronofsky's comment on mogwai's involvement:

    i always wanted a psychedelic rock element because there’s a psychedelic tradition here. it needed the rock and roll element. clint [mansell] knew mogwai as a band and was a fan. the kronos quartet was always there and we got excited about the juxtaposition of those two things.

    malcolm middleton
    '5:14 fluoxytine seagull alcohol john nicotine'
    [chemikal underground chem062]

  • crappo the clown
  • best in me
  • speed on the m9
  • the king of bring

    contributions from barry burns

  • malcolm middleton
    'into the woods'
    [chemikal underground chem076]

  • break my heart
  • devastation
  • loneliness shines
  • monday night nothing
  • bear with me
  • autumn
  • burst noel
  • choir
  • a new heart
  • a moaning shite (solo #4) (japan-only bonus track)
  • piano and organ from barry burns. stuart braithwaite contributes guitar to 'bear with me' and 'a moaning shite (solo #4)'. a number of different versions of this last track were recorded. the version featured here can be downloaded from the audio/video page at

    malcolm middleton
    'break my heart'
    [chemikal underground chem083]

  • a moaning shite (solo #6)

  • stuart braithwaite contributes guitar to 'a moaning shite (solo #6)'. the 7" single was cancelled after a variety of delays caused by problems with the pressing. only available on promo cd and mp3 download single.

    malcolm middleton
    'a brighter beat'
    [full time hobby fth033]

  • we're all going to die
  • fight like the night
  • a brighter beat
  • death love depression love death
  • fuck it, i love you
  • stay close sit tight
  • four cigarettes
  • somebody loves you
  • up late at night again
  • superhero songwriters
  • piano, organ, keyboards and vocoder from barry burns.

    malcolm middleton
    'sleight of heart'
    [full time hobby fth044]

  • week off
  • blue plastic bags
  • total belief
  • just like anything
  • follow robin down
  • stay
  • marguerita red
  • love comes in waves
  • hey you
  • piano, organ and keyboards from barry burns.

    aidan moffat & the best-ofs
    'how to get to heaven from scotland'
    [chemikal underground chem113]

  • ??
    stuart braithwaite plays guitar on some songs
  • alan moore & mitch jenkins
    [lex records lex090box]

  • ??
    stuart braithwaite plays guitar on some songs
  • "the musical score for unearthing is produced by crook&flail, a partnership between andrew broder and adam drucker. broder is the multi-instrumentalist behind the band fog whilst drucker’s adventures under his doseone solo guise – and within clouddead, themselves and subtle – have seen him explore spoken word and the outer reaches of rap. together the pair have enlisted an impressive array of talented collaborators, including; stuart braithwaite of scottish post-rockers mogwai, drummer zach hill from acclaimed experimental band hella, the trailblazing and prolific justin broadrick of napalm death, godflesh and jesu and pioneering alt-rock hero and faith no more frontman mike patton."

    'act i - goodbye friends of the heavenly bodies'

  • john dies at 56 unreleased
  • numerous other bands contributed to the first album from neverendingwhitelights. licensing issues with matador prevented mogwai's contribution from being included.

    our lunar activities
    'she cried'
    [hatch records 7" ???]

  • she cried/diamond

    single produced by barry burns
    hatch records

  • part chimp
    'chart pimp'
    [rock action ROCKACTCD12]

  • ??

    album produced by john cummings

  • pigeon john
    'pigeon john is dating your sister'
    [basement records ???]

  • emily
  • hip-hop artist pigeon john's track 'emily' contains heavy sampling from mogwai's 'dial:revenge'

    the reindeer section
    'y'all get scared now, ya hear'
    [pias america 2]

  • ??

    john cummings plays guitar on this album

  • the reindeer section
    'son of evil reindeer'
    [bright star bsr19]

  • last song on blue tape

    john cummings plays guitar on this track

  • st. deluxe
    'after the fire'
    [dream machine dmr001]

  • after the fire

    stuart braithwaite produced this track

  • the sick anchors
    'whole again ep'
    [lost dog arff001]

  • whole again (atomic kitten)
  • bill is dead (the fall)
  • you always hurt the one you love (the mills brothers)
  • featuring aidan moffat (lead vocals), stuart braithwaite (guitar and backing vocals) and sheepy (piano), this ep of 'stripped-down, atmospheric' cover versions is the sick anchors' first release. a follow-up is planned.

    the members of the sick anchors are aidan from arab strap, stuart from mogwai and sheepy who currently whores his phenomenal ivory-tinkling skills for bands of the calibre of arab strap, the delgados and mull historical society amongst others. he is also a member of the reindeer section (then again, who isn’t?!)

    sigur ros

    various mp3s

  • a1 - record (3.44)
  • a2 - zamsu (2.57)
  • b1 - merong (5.40)
  • b2 - luvstory (7.19)

    these mp3 files, credited to 'sigur ros with mogwai', have been floating around the internet for a while now. neither band was involved in their creation.

    6am hoover

    'the bloody chamber'
    6amhoover website

    stuart and john provided 'sound design' for this flash animation by scottish artist donna leishman.

    6am hoover & crankbunny

    crankbunny website

    stuart and john provided 'sound design' for this flash animation by scottish artists crankbunny and 6amhoover.

    stage blood

    dominic played live with stage blood on several occasions during 2008 and 2009. first show - december 2008. ep recorded during march and april 2009 but never released to date (nov 2012)

    stratospheric love hippies/psychocat
    'the rock project' - various artists
    [strac strac007]

  • stratospheric love hippies - 'psychedelic paradise'
  • psychocat - 'freedom'
  • stuart's school band, as featured on a compilation tape made in 1990 and 'resurfacing' in june 2008. stuart appears twice, firstly in a band called 'stratospheric love hippies' performing 'psychedelic paradise', and then in 'psychocat' performing 'freedom'. the personnel appears to be the same for both bands - stuart braithwaite, craig wallace, david blacoe and william hamilton.

    the recording, production and mixing was done by strac recordings, a record company set up by strathaven academy secondary school in south lanarkshire, scotland. victoria, stuart's older sister , is amongst the recording engineers.

    from mark burns, who 'found' the tape:

    i was at my parents house yesterday sorting through some old cds/records/cassettes, when i found a cassette tucked away which contained stuart braithwaite's first recorded output. both my sisters (my eldest sister babysat him a couple of times!) and i went to school with stuart you see, and the cassette was a school project containing 9 or 10 songs performed by various high school bands. it was called 'the strathaven academy rock project'. lo and behold, one of the bands was mr braithwaite's. it was cool to suddenly find a giant of post-rock's first release, he would have been about 14 or 15 at the time!

    luke sutherland

    mogwai had agreed to collaborate with luke sutherland [the violinist on 'xmas steps'] on a 'spoken word' ep. personnel changes at too pure, luke's record label, caused this to be cancelled, and the ep was released in april 2001 without any contribution from mogwai


    barry apparently did some recording with the canadian band wintersleep in 2008? 2009? any further info appreciated.

    the zephyrs
    'the love that will guide you back home'
    [acuarela nois024]

  • i came for that
  • additional instrumentation on this track from stuart braithwaite (guitar and backing vocals) and barry burns (harmonium and analogue synth)

    the zephyrs
    'a year to the day'
    [acuarela nois1035 / setanta 103]

  • ??
  • barry burns contributes piano, harmonium and hammond organ, and john cummings contributes guitar.

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