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misc. releases with exclusive mogwai tracks

only mogwai-related tracks are listed. you can supply any further information, please get in touch.

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candy bars & cheap guitars ?? 1995
tape: kaw [kaw 31]

  • summer (demo)
  • mailorder-only compilation tape, released by the glasgow-based kaw label.

    nme c96 july 1996
    cd: nme [nmecd96]
    tape: nme [nme96?]

  • a-70
  • mailorder-only compilation. the mogwai track is a very short instrumental recorded during a soundcheck at aberystwyth university in wales. the master tape contained several takes on the track - apparently the wrong take appears on the cd.

    camden crawl II september 1996
    cd: love train [PUBE012]

  • a place for parks
  • compilation given away to ticket holders at the 'camden crawl II' event in london. mogwai's contribution features the band talking about their favourite batman villains. track available on 'ten rapid'.

    10 day weekend october 1996
    cassette: sano [tenmc2a]

  • i am not batman

    image: sleeve

  • given away during the '10 day weekend' festival in glasgow. very few people outside glasgow have a copy. track available on 'ten rapid'.

    4 songs ??/??/97
    cassette: self-released

  • summer
  • new paths to helicon pt. 1
  • angels vs aliens
  • a place for parks
  • promo cassette. '4 songs' was released by the band in 1997 (the contact info inside is for their management and booking agent). all four tracks appear on 'ten rapid'.

    bedroom ambience ??/??/97
    lp: enraptured [RAPTLP14]

  • stereo donut
  • this compilation also includes contributions from hood, electroscope and roy montgomery. mogwai's contribution is described as "sheer satanic noise with no melody whatsoever"

    vi e brann - bergens stolthet! ??/??/97
    cd: [???]

  • [colin hardie (aka mr johnstone) and martin talking about football]
  • summer
  • images: cd sleeve | cd

    a norwegian compilation cd which features mr johnstone and martin talking about football before the "ten rapid" version of 'summer'. mogwai travelled back from their tour of norway in early 1997 with a group of brann (bergen's football team) supporters, and apparently 'got on very well....'

    mogwai demos '98 ??/01/1998

  • guardians of fitba
  • helps both ways
  • young face gone wrong
  • waltz for jo
  • ex-cowboy
  • cunt
  • rollerball
  • 7:25
  • root
  • i can't remember
  • sweet leaf
  • this mogwai demo tape appeared on ebay in late 2007, and sold for £136.

    the sellers notes:

    you are bidding on a rare mogwai tape.

    titled as "demo jan 98" and recorded on a maxell xlii 100 cassette, this is a genuine chrysalis music publishers tape of 11 demos. tracklist: guardians of fitba/ex-cowboy/untitled/waltz for jo/untitled/c****/untitled/untitled/mogwai w/thurston/untitled/sweet leaf. not knowing all that much about mogwai's music, i have no idea whether any of the tracks in this demo form eventually made their way onto commercial releases by the band: the number of tracks listed as 'untitled' suggests there may be a fair amount of unused material here. i have attempted on numerous occasions to find out more about this cassette and its contents, but to no avail; even posting a query about it on the band's own website, which went unanswered. what i can say for sure, though, is that this tape is most definitely not a bootleg. anyway, here then is your opportunity to own a very special and unique mogwai collectable. happy bidding!

    comments from stuart:

    i'm guessing that it consists of some of the 'come on die young' demos recorded at chem 19, an unused version of 'guardians of space' for a scrapped world cup chemikal underground ep and other stuff from the time. why it was ever made i have absolutely no idea. a lot of that will never see the light of day.

    and from the seller 'royal terrapin':

    i came across it at a charity sale about five years ago, along with a bunch of pre-release promo tapes by others such as gorky's zygotic mynci, soundtrack of our lives, etc. however, those were all straight promos of regular releases, unlike the mogwai which to this day i've never seen mentioned anywhere!

    recording notes:

    1. guardians of fitba (2.34)
    finished and mixed? re-working of 'guardians of space', complete with crowd noise and cut 'n' splice football commentary samples by john motson. ends with motty announcing 'the score is scotland 6, england 0'. intended for a scrapped chemikal underground world cup ep in 1998. unreleased.

    2. helps both ways (5.28)
    finished and mixed? sounds like the recording included on promos for the 'no education = no future' ep, which were then withdrawn due to uncleared samples of john madden's american football commentary. listed as 'ex-cowboy' on the tape inlay.

    3. young face gone wrong (3.06)
    recorded late 1997 but unreleased until may 2008. included on the "appendices" disc with the 'mogwai young team' remaster

    4. waltz for jo (3.50)
    demo version of 'come on die young' track

    5. ex-cowboy (8.06)
    demo version of 'come on die young' track

    6. xmas steps (6.49)
    demo version of 'come on die young' track. original title 'cunt' appears on the tape inlay.

    7. rollerball (3.56)
    demo version of 'no education = no future' ep track

    8. 7:25 (6.40)
    demo of a markedly different version of this track, eventually released on the 'zidane' soundtrack in 2006. longer intro and coda, short noise section.

    9. root (1.19)
    mogwai's contribution to thurston moore's 'root' compilation. titled as 'mogwai w/thurston' on the tape inlay.

    10. i can't remember (3.13)
    finished and mixed? sounds like the recording included on the 'glasgow' compilation ep.

    11. sweet leaf (6.00)
    finished and mixed? sounds like the recording included on the 'do the rock boogaloo' split single.

    nme clean sweep march 1998
    cd: nme [NME AST 98]

  • ex-cowboy [live]
  • given away free with nme after the nme / miller genuine draft gigs staged at london's astoria on jan 18-25, 1998. the mogwai track was, at this stage, unreleased. also on the cd are songs by dawn of the replicants, idlewild, lo-fidelity allstars, bentley rythm ace, the audience, spiritualized+suicide and more.

    a tribute to spacemen 3 4th may 1998
    cd: rocketgirl [rg2]

  • honey

    images: sleeve front

  • mogwai contribute to a spacemen 3 tribute album. other contributors include flowchart and arab strap. ltd boxed cd or coloured vinyl initially.

    the glasgow ep 30/11/1998
    2x 7": plastic cowboy [plastic 005]

  • i can't remember

    images: sleeve front

  • the second in a series of four eps celebrating the music of famous uk cities. this excellent piano-led track was previously unreleased and a left-over from the "young team" sessions. the other bands on the ep are el hombre trajeado, the yummy fur and the karelia (pre-franz ferdinand).

    nme radio one sound city 24/10/98
    cd: nme [nme sc 98]

  • i don't know what to say

    images: cd sleeve

  • compilation cd given away free with issue [??] of the nme to promote the forthcoming "sound city" event in newcastle. the mogwai track is otherwise-unavailable.

    the carve-up 06/09/1999
    cd: loose [exfm1]

  • nick drake

    image: cd sleeve

  • dj "kool" keith cameron put together this compilation of bands that featured on his now-deceased xfm radio show. features exclusive tracks from the likes of arab strap, the nectarine no. 9, appendix out and low. the mogwai track is a previously-unreleased recording from the "come on die young" sessions in buffalo.

    everything is nice 14/09/99 [uk]
    3x cd: matador [OLE400-2]
    2x 12" vinyl: matador [???]

  • xmas steps
  • hugh dallas
  • image: sleeve

    released to mark the matador record label's 10th anniversary, the compilation will comprises of 3 cd's. the first two are previously-released tracks from the matador roster, in mogwai's case 'xmas steps'. the third cd is all unreleased tracks, including 'hugh dallas', recorded by mogwai in april 1999. this new track also features vocals. the double vinyl issue contains the unreleased tracks only. for more info about this compilation check out the official matador website.

    chem037 - a music video collection ?/?/2000
    video: chemikal underground [chem037]

  • summer
  • xmas steps
  • stanley kubrick
  • image: sleeve

    collection of promo videos made by various chemikal underground acts between 1996 and 2000. also includes bis, arab strap, the delgados and cha cha cohen

    chemikal underground 5th birthday party 12th march 2000
    cd: chemikal underground [chem043cd]

  • stanley kubrick
  • helps both ways (john madden version)
  • images: flyer | cd

    free cd given away to those attending cu's 5th birthday party at the garage, glasgow on 12th march 2000. also includes new/exclusive tracks from arab strap, delgados, magoo, suckle, cha cha cohen, aereogramme and bis.

    a bunch of fives 22nd april 2000
    cd: nme [nme cd-rom ast 2000]

  • (video interview)

    images: cd sleeve

  • free cd given away with 22nd april 2000 issue of nme. includes video interview filmed during the 'nme premier awards' ceremony in feb 2000. downloads 25th/26th april 2001

  • sinewave (demo) (25th april)
  • sinewave (dub version) (26th april)
  • on the dates listed above, had these two otherwise-unavailable tracks as free downloads, followed by the whole of 'rock action' on 27th april.

    'take me somewhere nice' documentary/tour film *shelved*

    60 mins in length, this film was compiled from footage shot during mogwai's world tour in 2001 under the direction of berny mcgurk. the film has been shown in its entirety at film festivals in ireland and scotland, and excerpts were broadcast on channel 4 (uk).

    latest word on this (april 2003) is that it will not receive a full official release.

    update: june 2008 - "benny was in touch recently asking us about this and the decision we came to was to use it as part of a future dvd release. whenever that happens. sb"

    [soundtrack for steve mcqueen] *scrapped?*

    in an number of interviews back in 2003, mogwai mentioned that they had been asked to provide music to accompany a short film by artist/filmmaker steve mcqueen. nothing has yet surfaced.

    from an interview with barry

    there’s also a london filmmaker called steve mcqueen, not the actor, who has put together a twenty-five minute film. there was a guy, i think it was his cousin, who shot his little brother by accident and killed him. the film is the story of the day it all happened and it’s just a big picture of the back of his head. he wants us to write twenty-five minutes of music for it which should be completely unentertaining, maybe just downright painful. we’re looking forward to that. (laughs) any excuse to make that sort of noise and maybe take the merzbow approach.

    mcqueen has since completed a number of projects, including queen and country, a cabinet containing a series of facsimile postage sheets, each one dedicated to a british soldier killed in the iraq war.

    electro-harmonix download ??/??/??

  • soundscape
  • exclusive mp3 available only from the electro-harmonix website. click on 'effects & accessories', then 'big muff pi'.

    waxx music no.2 july/august 2003
    cd-rom: waxx music [???]

  • hunted by a freak (video - live in paris)
  • video interview with dom and martin

    images: sleeve | disc

  • cd-rom given away with waxx music magazine, published in france. 'hunted by a freak' was recorded live at elysee montmartre, paris on 5th june 2003. also includes a band biography, alongside tracks from unkle and skin, amongst others.

    rock action presents vol.1 06/09/03
    uk cd: rock action [rockact16cduk]
    us cd: rock action [???]
    japan cd: toy's factory [TFCK-87337]

  • tuner (7" version)
  • star wars
  • sampler of tracks drawn from previous rock action records releases, plus exclusive unreleased tracks from mogwai, part chimp and james orr complex.

    due to licensing issues, the tracklisting varies over us, uk and japanese editions. both mogwai tracks feature on all versions. see the rock action discography for further details.

    best of 2003/best of 2004 january 2004
    2 x cd: vital [???]

  • stop coming to my house
  • two-disc set given away to promote vital distribution. 'stop coming to my house' is brutally faded around the 3:40 mark, removing the final minute of the track. other artists include bonnie prince billy, calexico, dizzee rascal, fourtet and steve malkmus.

    tracy 09/03/04
    music box: self-released [mbox01]

  • tracy
  • not strictly a single. manufactured in china, the box plays a short excerpt of the melody line from 'tracy'. here's barry's take:

    i was searching on the turbonegro website for a birthday prezzie for big aitchy (dom). turbo did a box for their song "i got erection" so i bought 2, one for dom and one for myself. when they arrived i thought they were the best things ever and decided to get in touch with the people who run the turbonegro merch, they gave me an email address for the folk who made them and the rest is history as they say.

    onedotzero select_dvd3 11th october 2004
    dvd: onedotzero [???]

  • hunted by a freak
  • features twenty creative works from directors at the forefront of the new wave of moving image, including the plates animation promo for 'hunted by a freak'

    'matador at 15' 12/10/04
    2 cd + dvd: matador [ole-623]

  • hunted by a freak
  • hunted by a freak (boom bip remix)
  • stanley kubrick (video)
  • from matador records news mailout:

    "triple disc (two cd's + dvd) compilation, budget price, commemorating the birth, afterbirth and long, long life of the premier rock label of the modern age, matador records. along with previously released faves from mogwai, interpol, preston school of industry, pretty girls make graves, yo la tengo, mission of burma, belle & sebastian, stephen malkmus & the jicks, cat power and more, we'll have a full cd of rarities and/or new bits, plus a full dvd's worth of expensive music videos we wish we spent less money on"

    buckshot boys 20th february 2006
    dvd: chunklet [CHKDVD-002]

  • mogwai interview
  • "chunklet proprietor henry h owings and his provocative friend brian teasley adopt the personas of alabama hunting enthusiasts. then they go to 2005's all tomorrows parties indie blow-out in order to mercilessly torment attendees and bands including the melvins, mogwai and spoon. see for info"

    festival guide 2006 may 2006
    dvd: ??? [???]

  • friend of the night (video)
  • cover-mount dvd with german magazine festival guide 2006

    the 'friend of the night' video also appeared on the cover-mount dvd with film magazine res.

    'chem087' 7th august 2006
    cd/dvd: chemikal underground [chem087cd+dvd]

  • year 2000 non-compliant cardia
  • xmas steps (video)
  • stanley kubrick (video)
  • read more here:

    'paraiso travel' ost *scrapped*

    stuart, july 2008:

    last summer we were commissioned to score a film called paraiso travel. after we explained that we had a short space of time to record the music we recorded and delivered the rough mixes only for them to be rejected and us to be sacked without receiving any money towards our costs incurred. it was without doubt the most unprofessional way that we have ever been treated and we are still owed a substantial amount of money from the film makers. 'stupid prick gets chased by the police and loses his slut girlfriend' is a description of what happens in the opening scene of the film. 'thank you space expert' (a quote from a news anchor) was also written originally for the film and by rights should be called stupid prick finds that his slut girlfriend has gone the whole hog and become a prostitute and now lives in a trailer park in somewhere shite in america. ha, i've just given away the ending of their rubbish film. lynn fainchtein the music producer is a deceitful liar.

    the music recorded for this project may still surface in some form.

    'dig for fire: a tribute to pixies' 27/11/07
    cd - american laundromat [alr-0011]

  • mogwai - gouge away
  • pixies tribute album. mogwai's version of 'gouge away' was recorded at the castle of doom studio in may 2007, with barry burns on vocals and john cummings recording. other bands include british sea power and they might be giants.
    american laundromat records

    a rock action sampler spring 2008 07/04/08
    uk cd: [rockact37cd]

  • dracula family
  • compilation covermounted on plan b magazine [april 2008] and given away at mogwai shows in april and may 2008.

    "we're just mixing a song called 'dracula family' thats going to be on a rock action cover cd on plan b magazine in a few months" - stuart braithwaite, 29th feb 2008. 'dracula family' is exclusive to this compilation, and is named after mohamed al fayed's descripion of the british royal family.

    plan b magazine

    'fujirockers: the history of the fujirock festival' 23rd july 2008
    2 x dvd: whd entertainment [???]

  • ???
  • documentary about the fuji rock festival and its history, rather than a live performance collection. to what extent mogwai are featured is unknown.

    'last hope' [film] 03/07/09
    dvd/cd: spunk records [???]

  • ??
  • spunk presents...'last hope'

    a series of sixteen original short films compiled by andrew kidman (glass love/ litmus) and spunk records.

    andrew kidman chose six of his favourite surfing filmmakers to create short films that were inspired by the sea. the filmmakers include albert falzon (morning of the earth), jon frank (litmus), monty webber, michelle lockwood (kids) and american underground surf filmmakers patrick trefz (thread) and richard kenvin (hydrodynamica). kidman also provides four special cuts of his own.

    the filmmakers created their short films to music selected by aaron curnow from some of the greatest independent contemporary artists; smog, sufjan stevens, mogwai, my morning jacket, dirty three, holly throsby, vetiver, bonnie prince billy and the brown birds from windy hill.

    initially the last hope dvd is being released on 3rd july 2009 with a bonus cd of the films soundtrack. plus a 24 page booklet with thoughts, interviews and images from the filmmakers in some damn fancy one off packaging.

    'all tomorrow's parties' [film] 9th november 2009
    dvd: warp films [wf011dvd]

  • sinewave (live at atp 2004)

  • mogwai fear satan (live at atp-ny 2008)
  • all tomorrow’s parties is a diy concert film featuring performances from an eclectic mix of some of the most influential or groundbreaking artists including battles, sonic youth, belle and sebastian, grinderman, iggy and the stooges, portishead, mogwai, slint, grizzly bear, the yeah yeah yeahs, the gossip, daniel johnston, and the boredoms.

    the film is a semi-found bricolage made from super8, camcorder and mobile phone footage much of it contributed by over two hundred filmmakers, fans and musicians over the festival’s recent history, with key contributions from jonathan caouette (tarnation) and vincent moon (the take away shows, arcade fire).

    released november 2009 (dvd and online) after a lengthy programme of screenings in europe and north america.

    extras include:
    - 40 page full colour booklet, including 10 years of atp artwork and programme introductions, and slipcase packaging.
    - over 50 minutes of full length performances.
    - commentary from atp promoters barry hogan and deborah kee higgins
    - the dvd is also a key that can be used to unlock exclusive bonus content online, including vincent moon’s footage from atp new york, interviews, more full length performances and lots more in the near future.

    'PEACE' 12th april 2010

    download-only: buffetlibre

  • cody (cava)

    compilation benefiting amnesty international. PEACE was put together by barcelona djs buffetlibre and includes exclusive tracks from 180 artists. the mogwai track is 'cody (cava)', an alternate take on the 'come on die young' track recorded in glasgow in 1998.

    'matador at 21' 28th september 2010
    6 x cd: matador [OLE-1000]

  • helps both ways
  • kids will be skeletons
  • ex-cowboy [live in new york]
  • matador's 21st anniversary box set, featuring an exclusive live recording of 'ex-cowboy' (new york, 23rd september 1999)

    'terminal sales vol.4' 16th april 2011
    cd: sub pop [sp932]

  • slight domestic
  • cd compilation housed in an embossed, die cut case, containing 18 art prints with information about each of the artists and a folded poster.
    'slight domestic' is the b-side to the 'mexican grand prix' single. the only other place this has appeared on cd is as an extra track on the japanese edition of 'hardcore will never die, but you will'

    'occupy this album' 15th may 2012
    4 x cd: razor & tie [???]

  • earth division
  • exclusive previously-unreleased mogwai track on sprawling compilation album to benefit the anti-capitalist 'occupy' movement.

    'live at kexp - vol. 8' 13th august 2012
    cd:kexp [???]

  • hasenheide (live at kexp)
  • recorded during a live session at kexp seattle on 6th may 2011.

    'les revenants' unmastered tracks 15th oct 2012

  • hungry face
  • kill jester
  • wizard motor
  • relative hysteria
  • whisky time
  • special n

    canal+ streamed unmastered versions of six tracks for the 'les revenants' ost here:!/bande-originale

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