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david holmes - 'don't die just yet' january 1998
cd: go! beat [GOBCD6]

  • don't die just yet [mogwai remix]
  • 7": go! beat [GOB6] (700 pressed)

  • don't die just yet [mogwai remix]

    images: 7" sleeve | press release

  • the mogwai mix bears a curious resemblance to 'good morning captain' by slint, with voice-over by lee cohen. arab strap were amongst the other remixers. the single made the uk top 40.

    david holmes - 'don't die just yet' promos january 1998
    12": go! beat [GOBXPRO6 + GOBZPRO6]
    cd: [GOBPROCD 6]

  • don't die just yet [mogwai remix]

    images : 12" sleeve | 12" label | cd (thanks adam clark)

  • housed in a generic go! beat sleeve, the 12" comes as a double pack - GOBXPRO6 has tracks 2 to 4 from the promo cd, GOBZPRO6 has 2 otherwise-unavailable mixes. the mogwai remix is identical to the official release.

    'mogwai fear satan remixes' 30th march 1998
    cd: eye-q [eyeuk032cd]
    12": eye-q [???]

  • mogwai remix
  • u-ziq remix
  • surgeon remix
  • my bloody valentine [kevin shields] remix

    nme review scan

  • the vinyl has the mogwai remix missing due to space constraints - the cd runs close to 40 minutes! the mogwai and surgeon mixes appear on the uk release of 'kicking a dead pig', and all four versions appear on the us release and the uk reissue.

    uk singles chart - no. 57 (11th april 1998)

    'kicking a dead pig' 18th may 1998

  • like herod [remix by hood]
  • helicon 2 [remix by max tundra]
  • summer [remix by klute]
  • 'gwai on 45' [remix by arab strap]
  • a cheery wave ... [remix by third eye foundation]
  • like herod [remix by alec empire]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by surgeon]
  • r u still in 2 it? [remix by dj q]
  • tracy [remix by kid loco]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by mogwai]

    more info

  • 'kicking a dead pig' promo 12" ?? 1998
    12": eye-q [eyeuk037]

  • r u still into it - dj q remix
  • like herod - alec empire's straight demons remix

    promo for the "kicking a dead pig" remix album, featuring an alternate alec empire remix.

  • thurston moore - 'root' ?? 1998
    cd: lo records [LCD11]

  • mogwai mix

    thurston moore [sonic youth] sent out minute-long guitar pieces to various artists in hoover bags, and collected the resultant remixes for this album. also available as a ltd cd in a hoover bag, and a five-lp set.

  • paradise motel - 'drive' march 1999
    7": infectious [INFECT69S] (500 pressed)

  • drive [mogwai remix]

    images: sleeve front | sleeve back | record

    cover version of the cars 'drive'.
    the promo cd also featured the remix, and it has since been released on paradise motel's 'flight paths and reworkings' double cd.

  • manic street preachers
    'you stole the sun from my heart'
    march 1999
    cd: sony [666953 5]

  • you stole the sun from my heart [mogwai remix]

    image: sleeve front

    mogwai remix appears on the b-side of this frankly awful manics single. this track was also included on a cd of manics remixes given away with initial copies of their greatest hits collection 'forever delayed' in october 2002

  • "current electrics" june 1999
    cd: sm:)e [sm80492]

  • like herod - alec empire's straight demons mix

    images: cd sleeve | cd

    track only previously available on eye-q promo 12".

  • "this cd is not nice" september 1999
    2x cd: Matador OLE 409-2P Emergency Edition

  • cody (excerpt)

    images: cd 1 sleeve | cd 2 sleeve

    double cd given away free to people attending matador's tenth anniversary gigs in london and new york in september 1999. the first cd is a matmos mix. 'cody' features on the second cd, a dj eclipse mix, and is an excerpt from the version on 'come on die young' which fades in and out with no extra frills (beats etc).

  • "fabulous shit" 27th september 1999
    cd: lo recordings [lcd14]

  • 003 (twisted science remix)

    images: cd sleeve

  • twisted science mixes with tracks by the likes of mogwai, stereolab, fourtet, thurston moore, rothko, 3rd eye foundation. mogwai's contribution is a remix of a remix...the track appears in it's original form on thurston moore's 'root' project cd/lp release (see above for more details).

    "warp 10+3 - remixes" 13th october 1999
    2x cd: warp [warpcd69]
    4x 12" vinyl: warp [???]

  • link [mogwai remix]
  • to celebrate their 10th anniversary, warp asked loads of artists to remix any warp release of their choice. mogwai chose to remix 'link' by arcadian, and they apparently "remixed" it so much that none of the original track remains. this compilation is available as either a double-cd or quadruple-vinyl boxset, and also contains remixes by such other artists as tortoise, stereolab, oval, luke veibert, arab strap, and surgeon. check out the official warp website for more info.

    datach'i - 'this is my ep' 3rd september 2000
    12": caipirinha [cai-5034-0]

  • memorandum (mogwai mix)

    images: 12" sleeve and sticker

    mogwai are joined by kid606 and bogdan raczynski on this 12"-only ep, remixing caipirinha artist datach'i.

  • pluramon - 'bit sand riders' 10th september 2000
    lp: mille plateaux [mplp91]
    cd : mille plateaux [mpcd91]

  • hintergrund (mogwai mix)

    image: cd sleeve

    mogwai are joined by merzbow, lee ranaldo, matmos, snd, high llamas and others on this album of remixes.

  • "kicking a dead pig" reissue 17th september 2001
    cd: chemikal underground [CHEM057CD]
    2*lp: chemikal underground [???]

  • like herod [remix by hood]
  • helicon 2 [remix by max tundra]
  • summer [remix by klute]
  • 'gwai on 45' [remix by arab strap]
  • a cheery wave ... [remix by third eye foundation]
  • like herod [remix by alec empire]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by surgeon]
  • r u still in 2 it? [remix by dj q]
  • tracy [remix by kid loco]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by mogwai]

  • mogwai fear satan [remix by u-ziq]
  • mogwai fear satan [remix by my bloody valentine]
  • this album of remixes of mogwai songs was reissued by chemikal underground (originally released by eye-q). also includes 'mogwai fear satan' remixes by u-ziq and my bloody valentine, previously available on the "mogwai fear satan remixes" ep.

    schneider tm - 'reality check' 27/01/03
    12": city slang [???]
    cd: city slang [cityslang20208-6/virgin5467896-6]

  • reality check (mogwai & david jack remix)
  • mogwai and david jack provided one of the remixes for this single. it's not slated for commercial release in the uk or germany.

    schneider tm - '6 peace' ep 08/04/03
    cd: mute [724596920527 9205-2]

  • reality check (mogwai & david jack remix)
  • images: front

    this six-track ep, released in the usa only, accompanied schneider tm's debut american tour, and includes the same remix as schneider tm's 'reality check' single.

    boom bip - 'the use of unacceptable colors in nature' 31/05/04
    'morning & a day' 12": lex [lex020]

  • the use of unacceptable colors in nature
    (mogwai remix)
  • 'corymb' cd: lex [lex021]

  • the use of unacceptable colors in nature
    (mogwai remix)
  • mogwai, lali puna and fourtet have remixed various boom bip tracks. the results appear on two releases on lex records. 'corymb' also includes peel session tracks and previous remixes.

    longview - 'in a dream' 28/06/04
    7": promo-only [???]
    cd: 14th floor [14FLR06CD]

  • in a dream (mogwai remix)

  • mogwai's remix is included on the cd version of this longview single, and also on a one-sided promo 7".

    the magnificents - 'apollo creed' ??/??/04
    cd: kfm (promo) [???]

  • greenprint (mogwai remix)
  • images: disc

    mogwai's remix is included, alongside a david jack remix, on this promo-only three track cd sent out to radio stations by kfm records.

    [syd barrett remix] *shelved?*

    back in september 2004, we reported that john cummings was working on a mogwai remix of syd barrett's 'baby lemonade'. part of a harvest records project involving boom bip, sonic youth, jim o' rourke, sigur ros and more, this has yet to see the light of day (march 2008).

    d_rradio - 'hunted by a freak' 18/11/04
    [download only]

  • hunted by a freak (d_rradio remix)
  • static caravan recording artistes d_rradio have remixed 'hunted by a freak'. an mp3 can be downloaded from their blog:

    'hunted by a freak' remix 12" *cancelled*?
    12": ??? [???]

  • hunted by a freak (boom bip remix)
  • ??
  • lex records listed this amongst forthcoming boom bip releases for 2004. boom bip's 'hunted by a freak' remix was released on the 'matador at 15' compilation, so we're presuming that the 12" has cancelled.

    long-view - 'subversions' 24/01/05
    cd: 14th floor [5046762022]
    lp: 14th floor [5046762021]

  • in a dream (mogwai mix)
  • compilation of remixes of tracks from longview's 'mercury' album.

    bloc party - 'silent alarm' 02/02/05
    cd: v2 japan [v2cp-205]

  • plans (mogwai mix)
  • one of three exclusive japan-only bonus tracks, alongside four tet and m83 remixes. mogwai were originally reported to have remixed 'compliments'.

    earth - 'legacy of dissolution' 08/03/05
    cd: no quarter [NOQ007]

  • teeth of lions rule the divine (mogwai mix)
  • mogwai have remixed an earth track, released on no quarter along with remixes by autechre, jim o'rourke and others.

    the house of love - 'gotta be that way' 25/04/05
    cd: art & industry [3 ART CD]

  • gotta be that way (mogwai mix)
  • mogwai remix on cd single only. released by art and industry

    engineers - 'home' 13/06/05
    cd/12": echo [ECS166]

  • home (mogwai wazzap mix)
  • the mogwai mix was due to feature amongst the b-sides of engineers 'home' single. however, this was pulled at the last minute, and downgraded from a full release to download-only, available via itunes (more details at the engineers website). it appears that some copies had already been pressed before the decision was taken to pull the record.
    giant step mailorder are selling 'home' 12" singles, including the remix (postage from the us puts the overall cost up to around £8).
    there were a number of cd promos on ebay, but these are one track only and do not include the mogwai remix. copies of a five-track cd ep, which does include the remix, have proved more elusive.

    bloc party - 'silent alarm remixed' 29/08/05
    cd: wichita [webb090cd]

  • plans (mogwai mix)
  • originally one of three exclusive japan-only bonus tracks, alongside four tet and m83 remixes.

    engineers - 'home' ??/08/05
    7": insound [???]

  • home (mogwai mix)
  • volume two of the 'insound 7" box' series, featuring the contantines "insectivora (live)" b/w engineers "home (mogwai remix)". 1000 copies of the single pressed.

    kid606 - 'done with the scene' 14/11/05
    cd: wichita [webb085]
    12": tigerbeat6 [meow126]

  • done with the scene (444mix by mogwai)
  • also includes a cover of 'heartbeat' by annie, and remixes by her space holiday and dwayne sodahberk. 12" released on 31/01/06

    mew - 'why are you looking grave?' 06/02/06
    maxi cd: sony bmg [82876755712]

  • why are you looking grave? (mogwai mix)
  • john and stuart completed a remix for mew in october 2005. the mix is included on the maxi cd single, alongside 9 different versions of the same song!

    [kid606 remix] *shelved/scrapped?* confirmed that kid606 was working on a mogwai remix in may 2006, but no release plans have been announced.

    the magnificents - 'ring ring oo oo' ep 26/03/07
    cd: kfm [???]

  • greenprint (mogwai remix)
  • six-track ep. the mogwai mix was completed in (2004?) and previously only available on a promo cd. the ep will be followed by the 'year of explorers' album, recorded at the castle of doom studios with john cummings.
    the magnificents
    kfm records.

    attic lights - 'bring you down' 21/07/08
    cd: island [???]

  • bring you down (mogwai mix)
  • mogwai, camera obscura and jim noir have provided remixes for attic lights 'bring you down' single. the single will be available on cd and 7” and includes 'bring you down (mogwai mix)' on the cd. the mogwai mix also features on a promo 10" compiling the remixes from across the various formats of this single.

    from the daily record:

    frontman kevin sherry revealed: "mogwai remixed the single and we're all big fans of theirs. they have reworked the song in a mellow, interesting fashion.

    "they have broken down the song and taken the basic elements of the melody. it's a slow and hypnotic mood they've put on it. you wouldn't know it was the same song unless you heard the lyrics.

    "they've put samples and wee elements on there that make it sound like adifferent composition but tremendous nonetheless. it sounds like a robot on benylin. it's an ego massage when bands who are your heroes reinterpret your stuff. i was at their first ever gig."

    de rosa - 'nocturne for an absentee' [unreleased]
    7": chemikal underground [unreleased]

  • nocturne for an absentee (mogwai mix)
  • barry burns completed this remix, scheduled for the first single drawn from de rosa's second album 'prevention' in april 2009. the single was never released.

    bloc party - 'intimacy remixed' 11/05/09
    cd: wichita [???]
    3 x 12": wichita [???]

  • biko (mogwai mix)
  • mogwai's mix was completed by john cummings. other remixers include no age, armand van helden and banjo or freakout.

    soulsavers - 'death bells' ??/08/09
    [release details tba]

  • death bells (mogwai mix)
  • mogwai's mix was completed by john cummings, and surfaced online during w/c 10th august 2009. the original track appears on soulsavers 'broken' album, released 17th august 2009.

    ash - 'dare to dream' 17/04/10
    7" vinyl: atomic heart [atom015r]

  • dare to dream (mogwai mix)
  • mogwai's mix was completed by stuart braithwaite and given away those who subscribed to ash's 'a to z' singles series. this one-sided 7" single was produced for 'record store day', 17th april 2010.

    james holden - 'dj kicks' 07/06/10
    cd: !k7 [!K7261]

  • the sun smells too loud (james holden mix)
  • the twilight sad - 'the wrong car' 27/09/10
    12" vinyl: fat cat [12fat079]

  • the room (mogwai mix)

    mogwai's mix was completed by stuart braithwaite.

  • regina - 'saanko jäädä yöksi?' 14/10/10

  • saanko jäädä yöksi? (mogwai remix)

    mogwai's mix was completed by stuart braithwaite.

  • yuck - 'rubber' 04/11/10

  • rubber (mogwai remix)

    mogwai's mix was completed by stuart braithwaite.

  • errors - 'celebrity come down with me' 15/11/10
    12": rock action [rockact50]

  • supertribe (mogwai remix)
  • esben & the witch - 'chorea' 16/04/11
    12": matador [ole-9561]

  • eumendies (mogwai remix)

    mogwai's mix was completed by stuart braithwaite, and included on this record store day 2011 release.
    previously available digitally as part of a package of esben & the witch remixes given away by beggars japan in february 2011.

  • apparat - 'song of los' xx/09/11
    12": mute [12MUTE460]

  • song of los (mogwai remix)
  • rammstein - 'mein land' 11/11/11
    cd: vertigo [0602527864488]

  • mein land (mogwai remix)
  • laki mera - 'crater' xx/01/12
    cd: just music [TAOS045R]

  • crater (mogwai remix radio edit)
  • crater (mogwai remix)
  • the pre new - 'albion (you've done nothing wrong)' 14/02/12

  • albion, you've done nothing right (mogwai pre-mix)

    mogwai's mix was scheduled to be released as the b-side of the 'albion (you've done nothing wrong)' single.

  • martin john henry - 'the other half remixes' 12/03/12
    cd: gargleblast [GARGLE009CD]

  • breathing space (mogwai remix)
  • mint julep - 'save your season' 24/05/12
    cd: thomason sounds [TSIP-2045]

  • aviary (mogwai remix)
  • 'a wrenched virile lore' 19th november 2012
    cd: rock action [rockact72cd]
    2 x lp: rock action [rockact72lp]

  • george square thatcher death party (justin k broadrick)
  • rano pano - (mogwai is my dick rmx)
  • white noise - (evp mix by cylob)
  • how to be a werewolf - (xander harris remix)
  • letters to the metro - (zombi remix)
  • mexican grand prix - (reworked by rm hubbert)
  • rano pano- (tim hecker remix)
  • san pedro - (the soft moon remix)
  • to raging to cheers - (umberto remix)
  • la mort blanche - (robert hampson remix)

    more info

  • mogwai / bill wells & aidan moffat 20th april 2013
    7": rock action [ROCKACT77]

  • mogwai - special n (l.pierre mix)
  • bill wells & aidan moffat - the copper top (plasmatron mix)

    500-only on white vinyl.
    record store day 2013 release.

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