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date location venue extra info
march 2007
15 austin tx, usa threadgills [stuart solo]
31 scunthorpe, uk record village [crippled black phoenix | instore]
april 2007
2 geneva, switzerland le kab [crippled black phoenix]
3 montebelluna, italy osteria da tochetto [crippled black phoenix]
4 rome, italy circolo degli artistile [crippled black phoenix]
5 berlin, germany festsaal kreuzberg [crippled black phoenix]
7 fernelmont, belgium rh lovely festival [crippled black phoenix]
9 london, uk underworld [crippled black phoenix]
10 brighton, uk engine room [crippled black phoenix]
11 birmingham, uk king edward [crippled black phoenix]
12 exeter, uk cavern [crippled black phoenix]
13 bristol, uk cooler [crippled black phoenix]
28 athens, greece an club [crippled black phoenix]
may 2007
11 zurich, switzerland m4 music festival -
13 edinburgh, uk liquid room -
18 minehead, uk atp festival -
26 seville, spain territorios sevilla -
june 2007
16 barcelona, spain sonar festival -
23 scheeel, germany hurricane festival -
24 neuhausen ob eck, germany southside festival -
26 florence, italy marea festival -
july 2007
7 brugge, belgium cactus festival -
12 london, uk somerset house -
14 birmingham, uk supersonic festival -
15 bristol, uk ashton court festival [crippled black phoenix] cancelled due to bad weather
15 bristol, uk the croft [crippled black phoenix] impromptu last-minute show
august 2007
24 paris, france rock en seine -
september 2007
1 invereray, uk connect festival -
22 tilburg, holland zxzw festival [crippled black phoenix]
october 2007
2 colchester, uk arts centre [crippled black phoenix]
3 scunthorpe, uk lincoln imp [crippled black phoenix]
4 london, uk club ac30 @ industry [crippled black phoenix]
5 dublin, ireland the lower deck [crippled black phoenix]
6 belfast, uk black box [crippled black phoenix]
7 bristol, uk the cooler [crippled black phoenix]
november 2007
17 bristol, uk folkhouse [crippled black phoenix]
december 2007
7-9 minehead, uk atp festival [crippled black phoenix]

2007 tour statistics

13 mogwai shows in 2007, mainly uk and european festival shows.

stats based on available info. one incomplete setlist (hurricane festival). 20 different tracks played.

notes: first known performances of '7:25' (although this may well have been played live when it was first written, in 1997). final appearances for 'black spider' until 2013, when mogwai performed the 'zidane' ost live for the first time.

first showing for 'ex-cowboy' since 2003 and 'small children in the background' since 2002. last appearances for 'superheroes of bmx' until the 20th anniversary shows in 2015, for 'ratts of the capital' until 2012 (with a one-off showing in dublin in 2009) and for 'stop coming to my house' until 2012.

friend of the night (13 shows)
glasgow mega-snake (13)
i know you are but what am i? (13)
we're no here (13)
hunted by a freak (12)
travel is dangerous (12)
2 rights make 1 wrong (12)
ratts of the capital (11)
stop coming to my house (10)
small children in the background (9)
superheroes of bmx (9)
ex-cowboy (8)
kids will be skeletons (6)
7:25 (3)
black spider (2)
helicon 1 (2)
mogwai fear satan (2)
r u still in 2 it? (2)
yes! i am a long way from home (2)
cody (1)