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date location venue extra info
january 1997
11 london maida vale studios john peel session
23 london astoria with pavement
february 1997
?? 'new paths to helicon' 7" released
2 edinburgh, scotland attic with navigator
13 glasgow, scotland 13th note recording of "club beatroot" single
? highbury, london upstairs at the garage sold out show on a monday, with piano magic and six by seven
march 1997
11 stavanger, norway checkpoint charlie first overseas dates: a short tour of norway
13 oslo, norway so what! -
14 bo, norway kroa -
15 bergen, norway hulen with funguson
24 glasgow 13th note -
april 1997
6 london highbury garage -
12 mauron, france mauron centre culturel "ils ne mauron pas" festival
17 'ten rapid' released
19 darlington arts centre -
25 glasgow nice 'n' sleazy big issue benefit, with cylinder
27 cheltenham axiom -
28 london highbury garage -
may 1997
16 east kilbride arts centre with glider
20 derby garrick start of "4 satin" tour
21 hull room macrocosmica supporting
22 bath moles macrocosmica supporting
23 tunbridge wells forum first show with brendan o'hare
24 bedford esquires macrocosmica supporting
25 brighton essential festival -
26 '4 satin' ep released
26 brighton bar centro -
27 middlesborough cornerhouse arab strap supporting
28 newcastle riverside 2 arab strap supporting
29 liverpool k2 arab strap supporting
30 wolverhampton varsity arab strap supporting
31 gloucester arts centre -
june 1997
1 colchester arts centre -
3 leeds duchess of york -
4 manchester roadhouse -
5 stoke stoke stage -
6 birmingham flapper and firkin -
8 sheffield leadmill -
9 norwich arts centre navigator and crest supporting
10 leicester princess charlotte -
12 southampton joiner's arms -
13 bristol louisiana navigator supporting
14 london highbury garage -
19 new york, usa WNYU -
19 new york, usa mondo kim's record shop instore [evening]
20 new york, usa anchorage, brooklyn -
july 1997
12 kinross "t in the park" festival -
18 stratford on avon long marston airfield "phoenix" festival. 'guardian stage' at 13:25
august 1997
19 edinburgh jaffa cake -
22 holland lowlands festival 'foxtrot' stage, 4pm
23 belgium pukkelpop festival -
24 reading reading festival last show with brendan o'hare
october 1997
6 burlington, vt, usa club toast supporting pavement
7 providence, ri, usa lupo's -
8 princeton, nj, usa princeton campus club supporting pavement
9 charlottesville, va, usa trax -
10 winston-salem, nc, usa ziggy's -
11 athens, ga, usa 40 watt club -
12? atlanta, ga, usa wras fm live radio session
14 detroit, mi, usa alvin's
15 chicago, usa reckless records -
15 chicago, usa lounge ax -
16 boston, usa tt the bear's place -
17 new london ct, usa connecticut college -
18 new york, usa brownies -
20 new york, usa other music -
27 'young team' released
28 london maida vale studios -
november 1997
4 preston adelphi -
6 leuven, belgium stuc -
7 lille, france le aeronef "les inrockuptibles" tour, with stereophonics
8 paris, france la cigale -
9 nantes, france l'olympic "les inrockuptibles" tour, with stereophonics
10 toulouse, france le bikini "les inrockuptibles" tour, with stereophonics
28 london ulu -
30 glasgow arches -

1997 tour statistics

67 known mogwai shows, including the first dates outside the uk (norway, france, belgium, usa). this list is incomplete, particularly the scottish dates. full or partial setlist details for 31 shows. brendan o'hare joins in may and leaves in august.

notes: live debuts for 'yes! i am a long way from home', 'like herod', 'katrien', 'radar maker', 'tracy', 'summer [priority version]', the finished version of 'r u still in 2 it?', 'mogwai fear satan' (all released on 'mogwai young team' in october 1997) plus 'christmas steps' and 'waltz'.

a number of tracks (helicon 1, summer, mogwai fear satan) well established in the set, and will remain so ten years later.

the only known live showings for 'guardians of space' and 'now you're taken'. 'summer (priority version)' would next appear live in 2008. 'r u still in 2 it?' appears both as an instrumental and, at the end of the year, with aidan moffat on vocals. final appearances for 'lower'.

it's believed there were some attempts to play 'superheroes of bmx' live during the may/june uk tour, but no record of this survives and the track wouldn't appear again until 1999.

helicon 1 (29 shows)
like herod (21)
summer (21)
angels vs aliens (18)
stereo dee (18)
a place for parks (16)
katrien (13)
helicon 2 (12)
mogwai fear satan (12)
summer (priority version) (10)
i am not batman (9)
yes! i am a long way from home (8)
ithica 27o9 (5)
lower (4)
now you're taken (4)
guardians of space (3)
honey (spacemen 3 cover) (3)
r u still in 2 it? (4)
radar maker (2)
tracy (2)
christmas steps (1)
waltz (1)
??? (stoke) (1)